Senior Jedi General Luminara Unduli.

The rank of Senior Jedi General was given to Jedi Masters during the Clone Wars. Ranking immediately below the twelve High Jedi Generals, the Senior Jedi Generals commanded Sector Armies within the Grand Army of the Republic.

List of Senior Jedi GeneralsEdit

Jedi who held the rank of Senior General at any time included:



Koffi Arana, a survivor of the initial activation of Order 66.

According to the GAR command structure there should only be twenty Senior Jedi Generals.

Perhaps to explain the issue with there being more than twenty listed, the twenty is indeed a static number of which Jedi can reach the rank of Senior Jedi General and upon the death of one, another is appointed. Like with the High Jedi Generals, there are more than twelve listed, but there were only ever twelve at a given time.



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