Old Wounds

Aaron McBride


Aaron McBride

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Dark Horse Comics



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16 BBY

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Star Wars: Visionaries

Old Wounds is a 13-page comic featured in Star Wars: Visionaries, written and drawn by Aaron McBride. It is set in 16 BBY.



Obi-Wan and Maul fight a rematch.

Darth Maul, with replacement bionic legs attached to his upper torso, seeks out the Lars homestead to find and avenge himself upon Obi-Wan Kenobi. Upon his arrival he is met by Owen Lars, whom he swiftly disarms. Obi-Wan surprises his hunter by leaping from underneath the sand. Former Jedi and former Sith fight it out until Kenobi catches Maul off-guard, his deactivated lightsaber positioned beside his defenseless opponent's head. Kenobi is then assailed by the memories of losses he has suffered in the past and is thus tempted by the dark side to ignite his weapon and, in vengeance, kill the Zabrak instantly. Before he can act upon (or perhaps even make) a fateful choice, Lars shoots Maul in the head with his recovered blaster rifle. Kenobi says he will take the corpse and burn it in the Dune Sea. Owen, thinking of the safety of his ward, young Luke Skywalker, tells Kenobi never again to return to the Lars homestead, fearing his presence might attract further unwanted attention.





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When questioned about the timeline for the stories of Star Wars: Visionaries, Leland Chee stated that this story was non-canon.[1] However, The Story of General Grievous: Lord of War by Abel G. Peña has a sentence which implies Old Wounds and its cyborg Darth Maul may just be canon: "The Soulless One was eventually tracked down by a cyborg acquaintance of Obi-Wan's, an old enemy who anonymously reported the ship to the local Imperial authorities." Despite the implication, Old Wounds is not officially announced as a canon story yet. However, this story is already known to be non-canon, as Leland Chee has not only stated its canonicity and Watto was officially revealed to have still been alive after the destruction of Death Star I. On the other hand, the story never explicitly says that the Toydarian is Watto and future media may state that some elements did happen (hence, Lord of War), so it is entirely possible that Darth Maul did come back as a cyborg.

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