Jedi Master Cin Drallig was the Jedi Temple weapon master during the Clone Wars.

Is it battle that stirs you, to meet an enemy blade upon blade? Such is the way of the greatest of the Jedi warriors... the Weapon Masters.

Kreia, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Jedi Weapon Master was the title given to a Jedi considered to be among the greatest fighters of the Order and holding the rank of Jedi Master. Jedi Weapon Masters were much more trained and proficient in battle and the use of a lightsaber than in philosophy or in Force skills. An almost exact light side mirror of Sith Marauders, Jedi Weapon Masters were prevalent in the days of the Old Republic, especially around the time of Darth Revan and Malak. The name was usually used for a specific class of Jedi, who were mostly identified by their skill with their lightsaber blades.

Several known Jedi held this rank; Jedi Master Kavar, who wielded two blue lightsabers, was most likely among them. During the last days of the Old Republic, however, there were few Jedi Weapon Masters left as reduced reliance of saber-to-saber combat had left the skills rather redundant. Cin Drallig, Shaak Ti and Anoon Bondara were possible examples of the Weapon Masters. Anakin Skywalker, although not a Jedi Master, was considered to be well on his way to attaining the title. It is possible that the Jedi Exile became one under Kreia's tutelage. One of the few known Weapons Masters was Raskta Lsu.

Behind the scenesEdit

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Jedi Weapon Master first appeared as a prestige class for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game in Star Wars Gamer #9 and was featured in the sourcebook Power of the Jedi.

It also appeared in the videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, where it is one of the six prestige classes open to a level 15 character, and one of the three light side choices. In the game, the class corresponds to the class Sith Marauder, as both focus on their own strength with a blade, and are more fit for heavy combat than the other prestige classes available: Sith Assassin, similar to Jedi Watchman - and Sith Lord, akin to Jedi Master.

Although not officially stated, Kyle Katarn can be considered a Jedi Weapon Master in Luke Skywalker's revived Jedi Order. His roleplaying game character stats, his combat-oriented weapon expertise (extending well before his Jedi career), and his in-universe title "Jedi Battlemaster" mark him as such.

In the Star Wars Miniatures set Champions of the Force, the Jedi Weapon Master character resembles Cin Drallig.



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