Jaina Solo
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9 ABY (44),[2] Coruscant[3]

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1.49 meters[5]

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Dark brown[6]

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I name you the Sword of the Jedi. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow that you cast.

Luke Skywalker, Destiny's Way

Jaina Solo was a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, the twin sister of Jacen Solo and the older sister of Anakin Solo. Born to Han and Leia Organa Solo, she inherited her father's mechanical adeptness and her mother's Force sensitivity, resulting in her eventual training at the Jedi Praxeum. During her time there, she had many adventures, including helping to thwart the Second Imperium, where she helped Zekk abandon the dark side of the force. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Jaina joined the New Republic military and distinguished herself as a Rogue Squadron pilot. She was constantly on the front lines of battle during the Yuuzhan Vong War, earning the title of Sword of the Jedi from her uncle, Luke Skywalker, and becoming known as an avatar of the Trickster Goddess Yun-Harla to the Yuuzhan Vong. During the war, she also became romantically involved with Jagged Fel. However, the death of her brother Anakin caused Jaina to walk dangerously close to the dark side. She was later redeemed by Kyp Durron, and as the war waged on, Jaina discovered a way for the Alliance to use Yuuzhan Vong warships and biots to their advantage, participating in the war's conclusion. Jaina, as a survivor of the Mission to Myrkr, later became Joined into the Killik community, and was involved in the subsequent Dark Nest Crisis and Swarm War.

In 40 ABY, she assumed control of the Hardpoint Squadron and participated in the Battle of Tralus, siding with the Galactic Alliance. Afterwards, she and her brother Jacen commanded Rogue Squadron during the Blockade of Corellia. The resulting crisis resulted in a split between her and Jacen due to his increasingly aggressive actions, though she remained active in the Jedi Order. Jaina would later be paired up with Jagged Fel and Zekk on a mission to hunt down the renegade Dark Jedi Alema Rar. The death of her aunt Mara and the dark deeds of her brother only encouraged her to find a way to stop Jacen, and she began seeking the means to do so through training with her father's ex-arch-enemy, Mandalore Boba Fett. She later killed her twin brother, Darth Caedus, in a lightsaber duel aboard the Anakin Solo.

Following the death of Caedus and the end of the war, Jaina remained an active member of the Order. As such, when Chief of State Natasi Daala exiled Luke Skywalker from the Jedi Order as the beginning of a bid to take control of the Jedi, Jaina created a covert group, Darkmeld, as a means of secretly undermining Daala's efforts.


Childhood (9 ABY–22 ABY)Edit



Jaina as an infant with her mother and twin brother.

Jaina: "Mom and Dad never act that weird unless they're worried about us three little darlings."
Jacen: "That's for sure. They sure do worry."
Jaina: "Come on, Jacen. If you were our parents, wouldn't you worry?"
— Jaina and Jacen Solo discuss their parents[src]

Even before they were born, Jaina and her twin brother Jacen, along with their mother, were subject to no less than three kidnapping attempts by Grand Admiral Thrawn's Noghri Death Commandos. In order to entice the mad Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth into helping him with his campaign, Thrawn had made a promise to apprehend Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, and her as yet unborn children—Force-sensitive individuals that C'baoth would corrupt and mold in any way that he saw fit once he got his hands on them.[3]

After a visit to the blighted world of Honoghr, Leia ensured that Jaina and Jacen were born on Coruscant during the final days of the Thrawn campaign without the threat of any more kidnapping attempts by Noghri Death Commandos hanging over their heads. Thrawn, however, still trying to keep his end of the bargain, sent Imperial Intelligence agents to Coruscant to kidnap the twins and their mother once again. The quarters in which the Solo family lived were destroyed, but Thrawn's agents once again were foiled and the twins were unharmed.[3]


Despite the reassurances of ancient Jedi lore that held that childish innocence was an effective obstacle to the corrupting influence of the dark side of the Force, Jaina and Jacen's uncle Luke believed that any contact with the dark side could warp the mind of a young child for the rest of his or her life. Given the power that the twins would wield when they grew older, Luke told Han and Leia that he felt it was best to minimize any chance for the twins to be kidnapped during this vulnerable time.[4]


They took his advice and sent the twins to New Alderaan, to be under the care of Leia's lifelong friend and aide Winter. Any safety that could be derived from this arrangement would be short-lived, however. The reborn Emperor Palpatine discovered New Alderaan's location and ordered an attack on the planet immediately. During the chaos of the Second Battle of New Alderaan, Jaina and Jacen were nearly kidnapped by Darksiders Xecr Nist and Kvag Gthull, but their efforts were thwarted by the actions of Jedi warriors led by Skywalker.[4]

Following the battle, Jaina and Jacen were brought to the ancient space city of Nespis VIII, where their parents and uncle discovered that the New Republic had survived the destruction of Da Soocha V. After the birth of their younger brother, Anakin, Jacen and Jaina would live with their mother and father in the space city until they fled with the rest of the New Republic forces, shortly before the city was destroyed by one of the Galaxy Gun's warheads.[4]

Heeding Luke's advice, Han and Leia took Jaina, Jacen and Anakin into hiding on the world of Onderon so that the future of the Jedi would be protected from Palpatine, who planned to spiritually enter Anakin and free himself from his last clone body, which was deteriorating at an alarming rate. Han and Leia made their way to Onderon, but Palpatine, using a Sith oracle stone, was able to determine their destination and intercept the Millennium Falcon. The Falcon was damaged in the ensuing confrontation, but Han and Chewbacca managed to coax it into limping all the way to Onderon, where they landed it in the city of Iziz.[4]

With Palpatine hot on their heels, Vima-Da-Boda and Chewbacca attempted to create a diversion, with a goal of making Palpatine think that Leia and the children had fled Onderon aboard the Falcon. Meanwhile, Jaina, Jacen and Anakin embarked on a day-long journey to Fortress Kira with their parents. Palpatine did not fall for the ruse and managed to track his quarry right to the room where Leia and her children were staying.[17]

Jaina and Jacen could do little more but look on as their parents, uncle, Empatojayos Brand, and Rayf Ysanna battled Palpatine's last clone. At the cost of the lives of Ysanna and Brand, Palpatine was thwarted in his attempt to possess Anakin's body.[17] After the New Republic had retaken Coruscant, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin were relocated to the isolated and nearly unknown world of Anoth with Winter, where they would once again rarely see their parents.[18]


Where's Jaina!?

Han Solo, after Jaina disappeared, Chewbacca

When they were two-and-a-half years old, Jaina and Jacen returned to Coruscant to live with their parents. By this time, Jaina and Jacen demonstrated an ability to move objects with their minds from time to time.[19] They had also further developed the mental bond that they had been born with, and had a tendency to use it to complete each other's sentences or get into mischief. Because Han and Leia had been able to visit Anoth only a few times, Jaina and Jacen became quite apprehensive about leaving Winter (whom they had come to view as their mother) for the care of Leia, whom they viewed as a stranger.[18]

File:Chewbacca Jaina.jpg

Because Han was gone at the time that the twins returned, Leia found herself struggling to balance her motherly duties with her responsibilities as Minister of State of the New Republic. As a result, Leia enlisted the help of C-3PO, who was eager to put his recently-downloaded child-rearing subroutines to the test. C-3PO met the job with an initial enthusiasm, but found himself overwhelmed on a number of occasions, including one incident in which the twins caused him to become entangled within a tentacle-cactus during a diplomatic ceremony in the Skydome Botanical Gardens. He also put his masterful storytelling abilities to use, and took pride in his ability to sing lullabies in just about any language or style. More often than not, though, Jaina and Jacen would decide that they preferred their father's telling of The Little Lost Bantha Cub more than anything else.[18]

After he returned with Han from their mission to Kessel, Chewbacca assisted C-3PO with the care of Jaina and Jacen while Han and Leia attended to other responsibilities. In the first instance when the pair was tasked with taking care of the twins in their parents' absence, Jaina and Jacen's pestering managed to drive Chewbacca into a frenzy, and even deteriorate C-3PO's patience programming. The Wookiee and the protocol droid decided that it would be a good idea to bring the twins on a field trip to Coruscant's Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals. Jaina and Jacen quickly tired of the dullness of the museum and decided that a game of hide-and-seek with their escorts would be much more fun.[19]

Without informing C-3PO and Chewbacca, Jaina and Jacen began the game. Evading Chewbacca's pursuit, the twins found their way onto a turbolift and rode it down to the floor designated as "1." Exiting from the turbolift, Jaina and Jacen embarked upon an adventure in Coruscant's undercity where they encountered many odd and dangerous creatures. The twins eventually discovered a refugee community that consisted of accountants who had fled the oppression of the Galactic Empire on Coruscant's surface. Despite his fear of the Empire (which he thought was still in power on Coruscant), King Onibald Daykim helped Jaina and Jacen return to their home.[19]

Trip to the Jedi PraxeumEdit

Jaina and Jacen accompanied their parents to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 when it was learned that their uncle Luke had been found in a coma-like state on the top of the Great Temple by his students. Although the medical team had been unsuccessful, Jaina believed that she could somehow awaken him from his deep sleep by kissing him, but was unsuccessful. Later, the twins, along with their mother and the students, felt a great disturbance in the Force as the Carida system was destroyed by Kyp Durron—who, with the help of the shade of an ancient Sith Lord named Exar Kun, had also sent Luke into his comatose state.[20]

File:Solo Family The Other.JPG

Jaina and Jacen were able to keep their uncle's body from being destroyed by Streen after Luke appeared to them in a dream. When visiting Luke's body with Cilghal (who was taking care of the twins after their parents left the Praxeum), Jaina and Jacen discovered that—unlike the adults at the Praxeum—they could see their uncle's disembodied spirit. When a group of Sith battle hydras came to attack Luke's body, Luke warned the twins again. After raising the alarm with Cilghal, Jaina went to the audience chamber where Luke was, was greeted by the sight of her brother defending Luke's body with Luke's lightsaber, and rushed to his aid.[20]

Amazingly, the twins were able to hold off the vicious creatures until help arrived. Luke's students formed a plan to end the threat presented by Exar Kun once and for all. After helping the students combine their powers and vanquish the ancient Sith Lord, Jaina and Jacen were delighted to see their uncle recover.[20]

After Anakin came perilously close to being kidnapped by Ambassador Furgan on Anoth, Leia and Han decided that he, along with Winter, would join his brother and sister on Coruscant. Because of their mother's increased diplomatic responsibilities as Chief of State of the New Republic, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin found themselves attending—and causing mischief at—important diplomatic ceremonies such as the Concert of the Winds on Vortex[19] and the Herd Meet on Ithor.[21]

When Jaina was around four years old, she accompanied her father and brothers on a trip with Chewbacca. While Han had his hands full with Jacen and Anakin, Jaina wandered off, following a robotic hand. She eventually found a droid who wanted to turn her to the dark side. Fortunately, Chewbacca was able to destroy the droid and rescue Jaina. To thank him, Jaina drew him a picture saying that she loved him.[22]

As Jaina grew older, she took after her father, seeming to acquire his cockiness and piloting skills as well as a certain aptitude for all things mechanical, which made him proud of her. At the age of five, Jaina was allowed to have her own multitool, which she was allowed to use on wood—though in the workshop only.[23] At seven, Jaina had one that worked with metal. Finally, at the age of nine, Han felt that Jaina was responsible enough to help him with simple repairs and also allowed her to fly the Millennium Falcon.[24] There were a few occasions when Jaina went in over her head, such as the time when she, Jacen, and Anakin constructed a faulty droid to do their housework, or the many times that they had "experimented" with their Uncle Luke's lightsaber.

Jaina did not become as close to her mother as she was to her father, and there was a sort of distance between them. Though Leia tried to be in Jaina's life as much as possible, the ever-increasing burdens of duties to the New Republic continually pulled her away from her family. Jaina noticed this more and more as she grew older, and grew to resent it.[24]


Remember what happened? We were playing with Chewie–"
–and then he jumped up–"
–and then he fell down–"
–and then I went to sleep."
Me too.

Jaina, Jacen and Anakin, The Crystal Star

During a visit to Munto Codru, when she was five years old, Jaina and her brothers were kidnapped along with Chamberlain Iyon's wyrwulf. The abductors used the dark side of the Force to mask their presence, and a pressure bomb to destroy any evidence as well as to (unsuccessfully) attempt to kill Chewbacca. As they left the atmosphere of Munto Codru, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin left behind a trail of pain that could be sensed in the Force by their mother.[23]

After they returned to consciousness, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin were greeted by a man named Hethrir. He claimed that their parents, their uncle, and Chewbacca had been killed in an earthquake and that he, Hethrir, was their hold-father. Jaina and Jacen determined that Hethrir was lying, since their uncle and their father had not been on Munto Codru at the time that they were kidnapped, and confirmed their suspicions by getting Hethrir to incorrectly state the twin's birth order, disproving his claims of being present at their birth.[23]

The twins were imprisoned in Hethrir's Worldcraft, though usually separated when not in their cells, while Anakin was kept with Hethrir at all times. Though behaving in a manner amenable to the rules would guarantee her more privileges as a Helper and eventually a Proctor, Jaina attempted to be as rude and uncooperative to her superiors at every turn, even using the Force to put sand in their food, while Jacen sent myrmins to harass them. Despite the drudgeries of living in such a situation, Jaina found a like mind and a friend in Lusa, a female Chironian. However, Jaina soon found that her new friend, along with Anakin and the wyrwulf, were to be taken away.[23]

An unpleasant encounter with a fully-indoctrinated Empire Youth named Vram further convinced Jaina that she and her brother needed to escape Hethrir's Worldcraft. Using a multitool that she had hidden from Hethrir's Helpers and Proctors, Jaina managed to disable the latch of her cell's door. She quickly freed Jacen and then the other children, and they made their way out of the building in which their cells were housed. With the help of Mistress Dragon—a sand dragon that Jacen had earlier befriended—the children escaped Hethrir's compound into the "wilderness" of the Worldcraft with a group of Proctors in pursuit.[23]

As the Proctors drew closer, Leia arrived in her star yacht Alderaan with Chewbacca and a woman named Rillao and rescued them. Jaina and Jacen accompanied the adults to Crseih Station, where Hethrir planned to sacrifice their younger brother to a mysterious entity known as Waru and auction off Lusa, the wyrwulf, and a number of other children as slaves. As they neared Waru's temple aboard the station, Leia told Jaina and Jacen to stay with Chewbacca while she ventured inside with Han. Han and Luke had also made their way to the station separately from Leia and the children. When Jaina and Jacen heard what they thought to be cries of distress from Lusa and the wyrwulf, they convinced Chewbacca to enter the temple to help them. After a confrontation with Luke, Han, and Leia, and deprived of Anakin's power, Waru destroyed Hethrir and itself.[23]

After the confrontation with Hethrir and Waru, life returned to some semblance of normality for Jaina and her brothers. The kidnapping, however, caused Han and Leia to become much more protective of their children, with Han refusing to let Jaina, Jacen and Anakin out of his sight. Though they were protected from any harm that might come to them, the Solo children were also protected from having any friends outside their parents, uncle, Chewbacca, Winter, C-3PO, and R2-D2. And though she had found a friend in Lusa while she was imprisoned aboard the Worldcraft, Jaina lost contact with Lusa after she returned to her home planet of Chiron.[23]

Unlike their younger brother, Jaina and Jacen would often devise new and sophisticated ways to test their father's patience. However, Jacen became less willing to play with his sister, choosing instead to focus on developing his ability to use the Force to levitate objects. Jaina became annoyed by this behavior, and started to disrupt his practice. Despite the hard time that she and her brother gave their father, Jaina loved him, and was angered by the prospect of losing him when the news was broken to her that he had been captured by the Duskhan League during the Black Fleet Crisis.[25]

First Corellian InsurrectionEdit

Our cousin is a bad man.

Jaina, describing her cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo, Ambush at Corellia

In 18 ABY, Jaina accompanied her family on a vacation to the Corellian system. After their arrival, Leia hired a Drall named Ebrihim as a tutor for the children and a guide for the whole family, though the twins were unenthusiastic.[26]

On their first outing, the family visited Corellia's first major archaeological site. While touring the tunnels of the excavation, Jaina noticed that Anakin had stopped following the rest of the tour, and had become fascinated with a section of the tunnel's floor. Along with Jacen, they continued off in a different direction, and the three of them eventually stumbled upon what would later be identified as Corellia's planetary repulsor, one of which was located in each of the Five Brothers.[26]

The children were soon found by Ebrihim's droid Q9-X2, who alone had noticed that the children had gone missing. Realizing that the chamber was what the Human League Heritage Squad was looking for, and that it would not be a good thing if they found it, Jaina and Jacen used the Force to cover up any sign that the group had been there. Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, and Q9-X2 eventually found their parents and later told them about what they had found there.[26]

After several days, Jaina and her family relocated their lodgings to the Governor-General's residence at Corona House. There, Leia and Han were scheduled to attend a major trade conference designed to bring the Corellian system back into the galactic fold. On the first night of the conference, the children stayed up late and spied on the adults, learning about an threat to destroy planets from an unknown group if their demands were not met.[26]

Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin would eventually be cooped up in Corona House with Chewbacca, Ebrihim, and Q9-X2, while their parents left to advise Micamberlecto. They watched from their apartment as enclaves within Coronet City burned to the ground and bodies piled up in the streets in the first stages of what would come to be known as the First Corellian Insurrection.[26]

Corona House came under fire, so the children, the Wookiee, the Drall, and the droid piled into the Falcon to make a hasty retreat. With the freighter's hyperdrive damaged by a pocket patrol boat's lucky shot, they journeyed to the home of Ebrihim's Aunt Marcha on Drall.[27]

Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin were well received by the Duchess of Mastigophorous. The following morning, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin told Marcha what had happened before they were forced to leave Corellia. Jaina also told Marcha about what she and her siblings had witnessed on the first night of the conference, feeling that Anakin's discovery and the ominous message were somehow connected.[27]

Marcha brought the children, Chewbacca, Ebrihim, and Q9-X2 to Drall's planetary repulsor. They made their way inside the repulsor and watched as Anakin experimented and, in one instance, activated the repulsor, nearly killing everyone there. Though she was annoyed by the fact that Anakin had almost killed her, Jaina understood that it would be pointless to make her feelings known and instead tried to comfort him.[27]

Jaina and her brothers were later captured by their father's cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo, who had come to claim the repulsor for the Human League, and imprisoned Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, Chewbacca, Ebrihim, and Marcha. The leader of the Human League broadcast images of the captive children to the rest of the Corellian system to blackmail their mother into getting the New Republic to recognize Corellian independence. This action, however, would turn the tide of public opinion in the system against the Human League.[28]

Jaina and Jacen managed to escape from their force field prison with Anakin, and made it to the Falcon undetected. Because they had to leave the adults behind, Jacen and Jaina assumed the roles of pilot and co-pilot, respectively. Before they flew the Falcon out of the repulsor chamber, Jaina destroyed the force field's generator and tried to damage the Human League's Mynock-class assault boat as much as possible, but did little damage. Ascending into the sky, they were closely pursued by the assault boat with Thrackan at the helm.[28]'

Though he had no experience at flying the freighter and was flying it upside down, Jacen managed to outmaneuver the assault boat and ended up tailing it. Seizing the opportunity, Jaina destroyed its sublight engine array, causing the assault boat to hang dead in space. Immediately thereafter the Falcon was caught in a tractor beam. Although the children initially assumed the worst, the voice of Lando Calrissian came to them over the communications system, reassuring them that there was no need to panic, as the tractor beam belonged to the Bakuran vessel Intruder.[28]

Aboard the Intruder, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin were reunited with their parents, but were parted once again because Han and Leia had volunteered to help the Bakuran fleet in its confrontation with the forces of the Sacorrian Triad at Centerpoint Station. Jaina and Jacen accompanied their brother back to the planetary repulsor on Drall to see if he could find a way to use it to stop the ancient space station from continuing its destruction of whole star systems.[28]

Once they were inside the planetary repulsor again, Jaina and Jacen tried to help the technicians to understand their little brother, despite their own thinning patience. As the critical firing time approached, Jaina encouraged him to trust his feelings and reach out with the Force. Anakin did, and saved the lives of the twelve million inhabitants of Bovo Yagen, and countless more.[28]

During that same year on Coruscant, Jaina and Jacen befriended a street kid named Zekk. Though he had a tendency for disappearing many times, Zekk, Jaina, and Jacen became fast friends, and Zekk would take the twins on many adventures throughout the city. Jaina eventually found herself developing a crush on him.[29]

Caamas Document CrisisEdit

File:Union Jaina.jpg

They're really getting married? Will we be invited?

Jaina, after hearing of Luke's wedding, Star Wars: Union

After the discovery of a partial copy of the Caamas Document in 19 ABY, and because of the crisis and scandal that would inevitably follow, Jaina and her siblings were sent to Kashyyyk with Chewbacca and a group of Noghri for their protection.[30] After the crisis was resolved, she, Jacen, and Anakin attended the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty with their parents, aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera.[31] Shortly after the signing of the treaty, Jaina attended her Uncle Luke's private Jedi wedding to Mara Jade. During the public ceremony commemorating the union between Luke and Mara, Jaina was confined to a room designated for the children of the guests under the watchful eye of Booster Terrik.[32]

Jedi training (22 ABY–25 ABY)Edit

Always wanted to know how a lightsaber worked. Can I take yours apart, Uncle Luke?

Jaina Solo, Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers

By the time she was thirteen years old in 22 ABY, she and her brother, Jacen, attended her uncle Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. At the Praxeum she would meet the Hapan princess Tenel Ka, Raynar Thul and Chewbacca's nephew, Lowbacca; they would all form a long-lasting friendship. While Jacen developed an affinity for animals and the Living Force, Jaina became a capable pilot and mechanic, forming a close bond with her father, Han.[9]

Jaina honed her impressive talents in the Force, and became one of the academy's most powerful students. During her time at the academy, Jaina, Jacen, Tenel Ka, and Zekk would go on exciting adventures while learning valuable lessons that would prepare them for the events ahead.[9]

Shadow AcademyEdit

That's not right. The dark side doesn't make you any stronger. It's faster, easier, more seductive. It's also more tenacious. Just as the light side brings freedom, the dark side brings only bondage. Once you enslave yourself to the dark side of the Force, you may never escape.

Jaina Solo, Young Jedi Knights: Shadow Academy

In 23 ABY, when Lowbacca came back to the Praxeum late one evening with tales of a mysterious glittering object, Jaina and her friends decided to investigate it. The next day they discovered that the object was a solar panel from a TIE Fighter that had crashed more than twenty years prior. Jaina decided to fix the ship and install a hyperdrive which had been given to her as a gift by her father. She began working on the damaged fighter with help from Jacen, Lowbacca, and Tenel Ka. Unfortunately, the TIE's original pilot, Qorl, was still alive, and had lived the last twenty-three years in Yavin 4's jungles. After kidnapping Jaina and Jacen, Qorl forced them to finish repairing his ship so he could escape his exile at long last. The twins eventually escaped due to the Millennium Falcon's arrival, but so did Qorl, leaving the jungle moon behind and searching for any remnants of the Empire. Qorl would discover the Shadow Academy, a training ground for Dark Jedi under the command of one of Luke Skywalker's fallen students, Brakiss, and the Nightsister Tamith Kai. The Shadow Academy was aligned with the Second Imperium, an insurgency group which rejected the peace treaty between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic in 19 ABY.[33]


During a field trip to Lando Calrissian's GemDiver Station, the twins and Lowbacca were kidnapped by stormtroopers led by Tamith Kai. En route to their kidnappers' secret base, the twins and Lowbacca were brought to the cockpit of the ship that had been used to board GemDiver Station. Here, they were reunited with Qorl, who told them that he had found "[his] Empire" and that the kidnapping of the young Jedi Knights was the result of the information that he had given to his masters. After reversion to realspace, Tamith Kai told Jaina, Jacen and Lowbacca that they would be trained to become Dark Jedi once they arrived at their destination—the Shadow Academy.[33]

Brakiss greeted the trio of Jedi trainees and informed them of his plans for converting them. After a particularly disastrous lecture, Jaina experienced the power of Force lightning firsthand for defying Brakiss. Brakiss knew that the new recruits were wise to the propaganda, so he decided to try to turn the twins by giving them what they desired.[33]

In one training exercise, Brakiss pitted an unknowing Jaina against her brother by concealing each of them with hologram devices that made them think that the other was Darth Vader. In another exercise, she and Jacen were injured when hardballs, rocks and knives were thrown at them. After they survived this exercise, Brakiss announced to them that he was so pleased with their potential that he had decided to kidnap more Jedi trainees. Luckily for Jaina, she was rescued by her brother Jacen, who had used a Corusca gem from the GemDiver Station to get out of his cell. Using Lowbacca's computer expertise, they sabotaged the Shadow Academy's security systems and attempted to flee just as Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka arrived. However, a clean escape was blocked by Brakiss and Tamith Kai. During a confrontation, Luke defeated his former student while Tenel Ka injured Tamith Kai's knee. The group then escaped the Academy in the stolen Shadow Chaser. The Shadow Academy managed to escape into hyperspace. After making it safely back to Yavin 4, Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca returned to life at the Praxeum.[33]

After the crisis, the friends returned to Coruscant for a month-long vacation from the Jedi Praxeum's strenuous curriculum. Jaina and Jacen, as well as Lowbacca and Tenel Ka, spent their first day back home with Zekk, who took them along on an adventure through the Coruscant Underworld. After a run-in with the street gang known as the Lost Ones and its leader, Norys, they managed to make it back to the apartment that Zekk shared with his old friend Peckhum.[34]

The twins convinced Zekk to attend a diplomatic banquet that was going to be held in the honor of the new Karnak Alphan ambassador within the next couple of days. Zekk accepted, and he showed up at the Imperial Palace at the proper time, though shabbily dressed. Not knowing anything about the formal dinner, he inadvertently ate the decoration in front of him. His resulting embarrassment later caused him to flee.[34]

After Peckhum described to them some of the places where Zekk might hide himself, Jacen and Tenel Ka ventured into the undercity by themselves while Jaina helped repair the Orbital Solar Energy Transfer Satellite that Peckhum was assigned to. After returning, Jacen contacted Jaina, told her about his encounter with Zekk and the fact that the Shadow Academy was conducting operations on Coruscant--and that Zekk was allied with the Shadow Academy. Shortly afterward, Jaina realized that the Academy was in orbit over Coruscant, and the Second Imperium was forced to flee once again.[34]

The incident brought the vacation of the Jedi to a close, and they returned to Yavin 4. Because combat with the Dark Jedi was imminent, Luke decided that it was time for Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacca, and Tenel Ka to build and train with their own lightsabers. Like her uncle had done years earlier, Jaina created a synthetic lightsaber crystal, which had a purple blade. Following the accident in which Tenel Ka lost her left arm, Jaina and her companions returned to Tenel Ka's homeworld of Hapes to recover. While there, Jaina and her companions helped defeat a revolution to overthrow Tenel Ka's mother Teneniel Djo.[35]


However, the somewhat dormant Shadow Academy would reappear to plague the young Jedi once again. Zekk would be forced to fight Jacen and Jaina several times, and Jaina was worried about the young man she considered more than just a friend. She constantly tried to bring Zekk to the light side but was initially unable to succeed.[35]

After Hapes, the Jedi companions traveled to Kashyyyk, the homeworld of Lowbacca, where his younger sister Sirrakuk was about to undergo a Wookiee ritual. Since the ritual was dangerous, Lowie wanted to assist his sibling. Unfortunately, a Second Imperium strike force led by Zekk himself attacked Thikkiiana City a major exporter of computer technology, using holographic devices to mimic wookiees. The four Jedi trainees were able to defeat most of the Imperium soldiers. During the confrontation, Jaina confronted their former friend Zekk in the dangerous lower levels of the world-spanning jungle. However, Zekk did not want to harm his former friends and instead warned them to stay away from the Imperium's next target: the Jedi Praxeum itself.[36]

In response, the four Jedi raced back to the Jedi Praxeum to alert the Jedi there. The Shadow Academy and a fleet of reclaimed Imperial warships appeared in orbit shortly afterward. Legions of Stormtroopers and Dark Jedi attacked the Praxeum. The twins, with the assistance of their peers at the Jedi Academy, defeated the Second Imperium forces. Near the end of the battle, Zekk and Jaina engaged each other in combat, with Jaina trying one last time to turn her friend back to the light. However, Zekk seemed lost, as he claimed that he would stop anyone from entering the Jedi Praxeum. However, immediately after, the academy was engulfed in a titanic explosion. Zekk had saved the Jedi from certain destruction, and it seemed that Jaina had, if not turned her friend to the light side, at least turned him away from the dark.[37]

Diversity AllianceEdit

Okay, hit it, Lowie. As I always say, show me—don't tell me.

Jaina Solo, to Lowbacca, Young Jedi Knights: The Emperor's Plague

Following the defeat of the Second Imperium, the Solo twins helped rebuild the Academy, and also continued their Jedi training. While the reformed Zekk recovered from his injuries, he was harassed by nightmares as a result of his involvement with the Dark Jedi. As a result, Zekk refused to use the Force again, and left the Academy on Peckhum's freighter Lightning Rod to become a bounty hunter.[38] However, trouble would soon come when fellow student Raynar Thul received word that his father Bornan Thul—a wealthy merchant and shipping baron—had disappeared while en route to an important trade conference with Nolaa Tarkona, the Twi'lek leader of the Diversity Alliance, a fanatical all-alien group which sought to punish Humans for the cruelty inflicted by the humanocentric Galactic Empire. Nolaa Tarkona was the sister of Oola, Jabba Desilijic Tiure's murdered dancer slave. Since she was a Twi'lek, the organization was based on the species' homeworld of Ryloth. When Nolaa learned that Bornan had disappeared, she placed a huge bounty on the man for unknown reasons.[38]

Meanwhile, Jaina and Jacen had traveled to the Alderaan system to search through the asteroid field that had once been Alderaan. The twins landed on a barren asteroid and secured a shard from what used to be the planet's core. However, they were ambushed by Ailyn Vel, disguised as the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. Luckily for them, Zekk came to the rescue and drove the Fett impersonator away. Despite having rescued them, Zekk refused to return with them to the Academy, although he had decided to involve himself in the search for Bornan Thul.[38]

File:Pyjk11 (2).jpg

During their hunt for Bornan Thul, the Solo twins were joined by Raynar Thul, Tenel Ka and Lowbacca. They searched his last known locations, searching everywhere from ancient ruined worlds to the droid foundry planet of Mechis III. Meanwhile, Nolaa Tarkona went on a crusade to whip up support among the alien species of the galaxy, particularly the Chromans of Chroma Zed. Things went bad for the Jedi when Lowbacca misguidedly joined the Diversity Alliance, under the influence of fellow Wookiee Raabakyysh, and traveled to their headquarters on Ryloth to learn more about them.[39]

At the same time, Zekk had rescued Bornan Thul from bounty hunters, and learned the reason he had disappeared. Bornan had stumbled upon the location of a top-secret Imperial plague warehouse on an uncharted asteroid in the Deep Core. Hidden within it was a supply of deadly diseases created by General Evir Derricote almost two decades ago. Though the Galactic Empire had been defeated, this plague warehouse still remained with its supplies of deadly diseases. Bornan also revealed that Boba Fett (actually Ailyn Vel) had sliced into his ship's navicomputer and gotten a hold of the coordinates of the plague warehouse. Having acquired the information she wanted, Nolaa Tarkona now wished to unleash a plague that would affect all Humans.[40]

Realizing that Lowbacca only knew the public face of the Diversity Alliance, the Solo twins, along with Raynar and Tenel Ka, traveled to Ryloth, only to get arrested by the local authorities and put to work in the dangerous ryll mines of Ryloth. However, Lowbacca soon learned what had befallen his Human companions. The enraged Wookiee turned against the Diversity Alliance and helped his friends escape the harsh terrain of the planet and the zealous Diversity Alliance troops. The Jedi also discovered that the Diversity Alliance was stockpiling weapons for an impending war against Humans. The group was eventually rescued and taken off-planet by Zekk, Luke Skywalker, and Lusa.[41]

Back at the New Republic Senate on Coruscant, Luke requested that an inspection team be sent to Ryloth to investigate reports of Diversity Alliance aggression. After recording an encrypted message to his wife explaining their plan, Bornan, Raynar, Zekk, Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca gathered up some explosives and went to the warehouse with the intent to destroy it. They were almost finished wiring their explosives when Diversity Alliance ships showed up. In the ensuing confrontation with Tarkona in the warehouse, some of the plague canisters were busted open, including the Human-killing plague. Bornan sacrificed himself so the plague would not spread, and told Raynar to get himself and his friends off the asteroid.[41]

Meanwhile in space, a New Republic fleet under Han Solo defeated the Diversity Alliance fleet. However, Nolaa Tarkona managed to escape to a distant asteroid, although she would later die from a Twi'lek-specific disease. Meanwhile on Ryloth, fighting took place when the New Republic inspection team discovered stockpiles of weapons. However, the fighting was stopped by the Twi'lek Kur, who convinced the Diversity Alliance soldiers that they had been misguided and that both Humans and Aliens should work together. With the Diversity Alliance defeated, the young Jedi had removed another threat to the New Jedi Order and the New Republic. Following the death of the Diversity Alliance, Zekk also joined the Jedi Praxeum.[42]

Black SunEdit


Nice turnabout, Jaina. About time you came to rescue me for a change!"
Kind of a family tradition. Dad did the same thing for Uncle Luke at the Death Star, you know. Anyway, couldn't let you keep thinking you're the only one who can pull off a surprise rescue.

Zekk and Jaina, Young Jedi Knights: The Emperor's Plague

Following Zekk's joining of the Academy, Jaina and Jacen went on a trip with their father Han and brother Anakin to Ord Mantell to watch the Blockade Runners' Derby. The race became an exciting event when, at the last moment, Zekk, along with Tenel Ka and Lowbacca, won the race. After the race, the group encountered Czethros, a bounty hunter who had hunted Han Solo years ago. However, Czethros now claimed to be an "honest" businessman, and they avoided any conflict. Unfortunately the surprises were not over. At their hangar bay, the group was ambushed by several Chameleon creatures. Luckily, they were rescued by Anja Gallandro, a young woman who wielded a lightsaber, but was not a Jedi. Instead, Anja relied on doses of spice to enhance her senses and allow her to wield a lightsaber safely.[43]

Anja blamed Han Solo for killing her father, but Solo denied the charge because her father had died in a trap while searching for treasure. Anja was actually an undercover agent for Czethros, who was in fact a leader of Black Sun. The infamous galactic-wide crime syndicate had been keeping a low profile for years since the death of Prince Xizor during a battle above Coruscant in 3 ABY. However, they had been attempting to gain power over the New Republic by planting cells in places of power, including political, economic, and military positions. Czethros controlled Anja by keeping her addicted to spice.[43]

Han managed to convince Anja that he was good-intentioned by stopping a 25-year-long civil war on her backwater homeworld of Anobis. There, Solo met with the two rival factions and brokered a truce between them. This made Anja wonder whether her hatred for Solo had been misplaced, and she agreed to join the Solo twins and their companions at the Jedi Praxeum to discover her abilities.[43]

Later, Lando Calrissian invited the twins and their friends to Cloud City, where he wanted them to be the first to try out the new SkyCenter Galleria amusement park which he had invested in through the use of repurchased interests from the spice mining world of Kessel, and through shares from a mining operation on Varn. However, things took a turn for the worse when Cojahn, a business associate of Calrissian's, was found dead. Worse, the Jedi discovered Czethros's true intentions and his plot for galactic domination. Jacen, Tenel Ka, and Lowie were also ambushed by several Ugnaught Black Sun mercenaries in the lower levels of Cloud City.[44]

SoloTwins EGttF

Young Jedi Knights Jaina and Jacen Solo

After the Jedi revealed Czethros's plans, Czethros was targeted by the New Republic, and warrants for his arrest were issued on many worlds. However, he managed to evade capture and went underground. Unfortunately for Anja, she had realized that without Czethros, there would be no supplier for the spice that fueled her addiction. Anja then stole Zekk's ship, the Lightning Rod, and traveled to the ocean world of Dac, where she hoped to retrieve a hidden stash of spice from beneath the planet's frozen ice cap.[45]

Meanwhile, on Kessel, Calrissian's longtime Sullustan mate Nien Nunb had been nearly killed during a suspicious accident in the carbon-freezing sections of a processing facility. Black Sun had planted cells even there, and the Sullustan knew he was in danger. Even worse, his workers were turning against him. Jaina and Lowbacca went to Kessel to help protect Nien Nunb, while Jacen, Tenel Ka and Zekk pursued Anja to Mon Calamari. On Mon Calamari, at the resort city of Crystal Reef, Jacen confronted Anja while she tried to lease a submersible to hunt for the hidden spice stash. Jacen managed to help Anja confront her spice addiction and persuaded her to accept her father's real fate. With Anja's help, they succeeded in destroying Czethros's stash of spice on Mon Calamari.[45]

Back on Kessel, Czethros and an army of Black Sun mercenaries took control of the planet and captured Nien Nunb, though Jaina and Lowbacca managed to escape. The encounter also revealed how deeply Black Sun had infiltrated the New Republic, and that they had contacts on a variety of worlds. From Kessel, Czethros hoped to send a signal that would activate these cells. However, Jaina and Lowbacca sabotaged his operations by destroying the transmitter before Czethros could broadcast the signal. Jaina also helped free the prisoners and defeated the Black Sun mercenaries. Rather than allow himself to be captured, Czethros threw himself into a vat of carbonite and was flash-frozen instantly. However, the criminal was retrieved and placed in New Republic custody. Chief of State Leia Organa Solo would supervise his thawing and interrogation. As a result, the names of Black Sun moles in strategic positions of power were discovered, defeating the crime syndicate.[45]

Following this ordeal, Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, and Zekk were promoted to apprentice Jedi Knights during a ceremony at the Jedi Praxeum.[45] Jaina became the apprentice of her aunt Mara as she continued her training. To congratulate her, Han rewarded Jaina with a heavily modified Z-95 Headhunter, which she and her friends flew to Mon Calamari for a short vacation. However, on their way there, Jaina and her friends were intercepted by an X-wing piloted by a cyborg. Jaina made fast work of the pilot and his ship, and continued her course to Mon Calamari.[14]

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY–29 ABY)Edit

Nineteen. And she has more kills than the three of us put together at the same age.

Tycho Celchu (referring to himself, Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson), Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

When Jaina was sixteen, she became embroiled in the Yuuzhan Vong War when she and Mara Jade, along with Jacen, Luke, and Leia, were on Dubrillion to get information from Lando's mining outpost. Previously, they had taken the Jade Sabre to Rhommamool for a diplomatic conference with Nom Anor, but negotiations had soured. Mara, infected with a disease lethal to all other victims, decided to head out to the Outer Rim with Luke and Leia. While on Dubrillion, Jaina flew in the treacherous asteroid belt named Lando's Folly and scored the longest time of any solo pilot, even beating out Kyp Durron. About this time, though, Jaina was hit with a crushing emotional blow when she learned that Chewbacca had died on Sernpidal. Still, the Vong attacked Dubrillion and Jaina flew in the defense of the world alongside her brothers.[7]


However, after Luke and Mara found evidence of a massive base on Helska 4, with prisoners trapped inside, Jacen and Jaina slipped away and took one of Lando's iceborers to puncture the ice planet and rescue them. After Jaina loaded Jacen, clad in a Yuuzhan Vong skirt and equipped with an ooglith masquer for disguise, into the iceborer, she flew the Merry Miner to Helska 4, but was quickly detected by coralskippers. Fortunately, a New Republic task force arrived, accompanied by the Millennium Falcon and Jade Sabre. While the fleet engaged the Yuuzhan Vong, Jaina waited in orbit in the unarmed mining ship, dodging coralskippers, until Jacen was ready for extraction, having rescued Danni Quee and witnessed the death of the other prisoner, Jedi Miko Reglia. They decided to evaporate the ice planet using shieldships, and Jaina flew in the Jade Sabre as part of the covering fleet of starfighters and other ships protecting the shieldships. When Mara collapsed in the heat of battle, Jaina attempted to take over, but soon needed help herself as she tried to alter the ship’s present course. The ship would have crashed into the planet had Luke Skywalker not intervened and used his X-wing's repulsor coils to alter the Jade Sabre's course.[7]

When the Yuuzhan Vong captured Artorias Luke Skywalker helped the New Republic to evacuate some people of the planet and traveled with prince Finn Galfridian to Yavin IV. He started his jedi training at the academy and met Jaina along with her brothers and Lowbacca. Jaina and Finn trained with their lightsabers together and Finn had some interesting in the young woman who talked with him about the war. But Jaina, her brother, Finn and Lowbacca got into trouble as a tukata wanted to attack them. Because of their development the jedi reacted without fear while Finn was frozen and however Jacen could send the creature back. After that Finn traveled with Luke to Rychel.[46]

Jaina returned with her mother to Coruscant, but Leia's attempts to appeal to the Senate were fruitless. Jaina then went with Leia, and after they picked up Danni, journeyed to Agamar to address their rulers and persuade them to aid the effort against the Yuuzhan Vong. This time, their words moved the leaders, and they agreed to harbor refugees. The three women then returned to Dubrillion to evacuate much of the populace, accompanied by Admiral Traest Kre'fey. Jaina, Leia, and Danni then brought the refugees to Dantooine, where they helped set up a camp there. Also, Jaina taught the Force-sensitive Danni how to start using the Force, and in return, Danni helped Jaina with her struggle to define her identity. The issue of identity would plague Jaina throughout the war and beyond. However, the Vong were not far behind the refugees and they soon launched a large air and ground assault on the refugee camp. Jaina's skills behind the controls of an X-wing fighter earned her a position in the famous Rogue Squadron during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, starting at Dantooine. Flying as Rogue Eleven, Jaina went by the nickname "Sticks." During the Battle of Dantooine, Jaina helped refugees escape offworld before the Vong could take Dantooine.[47]

Rogue Squadron kept her busy though, and soon the young Rogue Eleven was training under Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles when she wasn't on missions such as covering the Mission to Garqi that inserted her brother Jacen and a commando/Jedi team onto the ground. During that run, Jaina was deceived, along with almost everyone else in the New Republic task force led by Traest Kre'fey, into thinking Jacen was dead. She was pleased to find out that was not the case, but did not enjoy the deception, to say the least. Their next mission was a recon run through the ruins of Sernpidal, another hard emotional experience for Jaina due to the death of Chewbacca in the planet's destruction. They found the Yuuzhan Vong were growing a worldship and immediately reported back to their flagship, Ralroost, to report what they had found. Jaina returned to Garqi and once again flew cover for the commando team, though this time she was covering the extraction from the planet. The presence of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet nearly doomed them, but the timely arrival of Admiral Pellaeon's Imperial fleet, accompanied by Chiss pilots, turned the tide.[48]


Jaina as a starfighter pilot in Rogue Squadron.

During the Battle of Ithor, while engaging the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, she lost her wingmate Anni Capstan, which emotionally hurt Jaina horribly. She also met a fellow pilot named Jagged Fel, nephew of the famous pilot Wedge Antilles and an ally of the New Republic, flying with a Chiss defense force. The young woman felt something stir within her, and she admired Jagged Fel for his piloting skills and icy cool demeanor, as he had shot her down every time in simulations. However, the battle was a terrible loss for the New Republic; since the Yuuzhan Vong unleashed a biological weapon that decimated the world-spanning jungle even after their leader Shedao Shai had been slain during a duel with Jedi Knight Corran Horn. This contributed much to the Anti-Jedi sentiment of the galactic public.[48]

Jaina accompanied her family to Chewbacca’s funeral on Kashyyyk. In his grief at the loss of his longtime friend, Han lashed out at Anakin and left the family behind on Coruscant. Ironically, this eventually lead to a stronger bond with her mother, who she previously lambasted for her distance.[49]In her father’s absence, Jaina continued her career as a Rogue, though she offered to aid Talon Karrde on his mission, but Ganner Rhysode and Kyp Durron were chosen instead.[50]

In 26 ABY, during the Battle of Kalarba, Lieutenant Jaina, along with Rogue Squadron and their Chiss allies, engaged the Yuuzhan Vong fleet at Kalarba. The battle was going badly for the New Republic because the extragalactic aliens had deployed their Yo'Gand's Core tactic; this involved using a Dovin basal to cause Kalarba and its moon of Hosk Station to collide.[51]

The Vong then assaulted the flagship of the New Republic fleet, the Bothan Assault Cruiser Champion. Jaina attempted to defend the ship; however, the enemy succeeded in destroying it. The explosion destroyed Jaina Solo's X-wing, though she managed to eject herself into space and was later retrieved. Unfortunately, Jaina suffered injuries that temporarily blinded her. Jaina received a medical leave transfer to Duro, which had been selected as an ideal SELCORE haven for refugees from conquered worlds.[51]

After her recovery, she and Mara Jade Skywalker—with Skywalker disguised as Baroness Muehling of Kuat and Jaina as her servant—discovered that the Duros scientist Dassid Cree'Ar—who was involved with the restoration efforts of the planet—was actually the infamous Yuuzhan Vong Nom Anor. However, this knowledge came too late, since Cree'Ar had sabotaged several of the operations, including releasing naotebe winglings that destroyed a refugee encampment. Worse, Duro was attacked by the Vong, who used dovin basals to bring down the orbital cities, and unleashed bioengineered monstrosities including Tu-Scart and Sgauru (the pair known as the "Biter and Beater"), and the serpentine Ychna. Despite the efforts of the Jedi and the New Republic, Duro fell and became the first Core World to be conquered.[51]

With a high bounty on their heads, the Jedi slowly began to drift apart as some began to take Kyp’s stance on the war. Jaina and her siblings came to the defense of their uncle, though they agreed with Kyp on the need to take action against the invaders.[52]Jaina helped Durron persuade New Republic military leaders to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong gravitic superweapon in the Battle of Sernpidal. After the battle, Jaina discovered that they had been tricked into destroying a worldship, causing a deep rift between her and Kyp Durron.[53]

Brush with the dark sideEdit

File:Jaina 21.jpg

We're here to destroy the queen, not take revenge."
Right. Revenge comes later.

Anakin and Jaina Solo referring to the voxyn queen, Star by Star

In 27 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong created the voxyn, which hunted Force-sensitive beings. Several Jedi fell to them, including Jaina's brother's old Melodie classmate Lyric, and the Twi'lek Numa Rar. This led to the Mission to Myrkr. Despite infiltrating the voxyn-cloning facility Baanu Rass which orbited Myrkr and killing many Yuuzhan Vong and Voxyn, several Jedi were slain, including Jaina's brother, Anakin, who received a serious injury while saving Jaina. Worse, Jacen was presumed killed, though in actuality, he was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong.[54]

In retaliation, she rashly attacked a Yuuzhan Vong mortuary and recovered Anakin's body. Jaina then stole an enemy vessel, Ksstarr.[54] With Coruscant captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, she led the remnants of the Jedi strike force to the Hapes Cluster. On Hapes, the Solo family and their friends gathered for the funeral of Anakin. Following that, Jaina became embroiled in court intrigue, as the scheming former Queen Mother Ta'a Chume tried to orchestrate a marriage between her son, Prince Isolder, and Jaina, in a failed bid to replace the current Queen Mother Teneniel Djo. Jaina refused to betray Tenel Ka this way, and the old woman was arrested. During this time, Jaina came close to falling to the dark side, but eventually managed to come back to the light, apprenticing herself to Kyp Durron.[15]

You can call me 'Great One'. Most people do.

Jaina Solo, Destiny's Way
File:Jaina-The Apprentice.jpg

In order to more fully understand Yuuzhan Vong slave seed technology, Jaina took a pirate—one of three who had attacked the group of Jedi upon entering police—and along with Kyp Durron, took him to a scientist of dubious distinction for him to "experiment" on in order to discern the nature of the Yuuzhan Vong biots. She also learned to wipe memories from Kyp, and wiped Lowie's after she had him remove her presence from the security records.[16]

By closely examining Ksstarr, Jaina, along with Lowbacca, realized a fundamental underpinning of Yuuzhan Vong spacefaring technology: bodies in space were recognized by their unique gravitic signature. She began exploring plans to use that knowledge against the Yuuzhan Vong. Her risky tests proved successful. Her deceptive tactics wreaked havoc with the enemy's ability to identify friends and foes, prompting her to rename the vessel Trickster. It was outfitted with a comm system and several other things. Jaina realized that the dovin basal had some markings on it that symbolized the Trickster. She made copies of it and put them on ships piloted by Hapan pilots, giving them the gravitic signature of the Trickster. In the Battle of Hapes, the Trickster fought against the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Jaina's reputation began to grow thanks to crafty disinformation spread by New Republic agents. Because of her role in deceiving them, as well as subsequent disinformation by the New Republic Intelligence Service, the horrified Yuuzhan Vong began to believe that Jaina was Yun-Harla, the Goddess of Deception. It was something New Republic commanders wholeheartedly encouraged by referring to her as "Goddess", "Great One", and similar.[15]

Following the loss of Coruscant, the remnants of the New Republic Advisory Council gathered at Borleias in 27 ABY. The New Republic attempted to regroup and began to formulate plans for defeating the Yuuzhan Vong threat. On one occasion, they used the "Starlancer" to fire a laser beam through hyperspace on Warmaster Tsavong Lah's flagship as part of a show of light. During this time, Jaina was given command of an elite fighter unit known as Twin Suns Squadron originally founded by Luke Skywalker, which included noteworthy pilots such as Kyp Durron and Jagged Fel. While on Borleias, a group of Wraith Squadron members helped Jaina develop her "Goddess" moniker and persona, creating the personification of Yun-Harla for the Yuuzhan Vong. Despite the constant threat of attack and her new role, Jaina did find a small amount of time to make amends with her mother. Also, a particularly close encounter with death, both for her and Kyp and especially Jag in space from a Yuuzhan Vong ambush caused her to break out of her self-imposed emotional isolation. It also deepened her relationship with Jagged, who was able to convince his uncle Wedge to not punish her for disobeying orders.[55] Eventually, the Yuuzhan Vong launched an all-out assault to take the planet. Despite the best efforts of the New Republic to hold the world, including using the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya as a spear to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong worldship, Borleias was conquered, though the Yuuzhan Vong victory was Pyrrhic.[56]

Sword of the JediEdit

Even being a Jedi is something where you look for more. At first you acted as if Jedi was synonymous with hero. It isn't. Being a hero isn't what all these folks are here to do. They're here to do their jobs.

Jaina Solo, to Jacen Solo, Dark Tide II: Ruin

First, though, Jaina helped plan the Battle of Obroa-skai in an attempt to kill the Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord, with the aid of the Hapans. She commanded her Trickster in this battle and correctly deduced that there was a second yammosk coordinating the Yuuzhan Vong forces after they destroyed the first one. The battle was successful, but Supreme Overlord Shimrra wasn't among the fleet that was destroyed and Jaina was frustrated by what she viewed as a failure, though she was glad to see Tenel Ka again.[57]

Meanwhile, the loss of Borleias forced the New Republic to flee to the ocean world of Dac in the Outer Rim Territories. During the Galactic Civil War, the planet had been an important member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Alliance of Free Planets, and the New Republic. It was on this planet that Jaina was sent on temporary leave and reunited with her brother Jacen and the Fosh Vergere, a mysterious Old Republic Jedi and Yuuzhan Vong agent. Jaina, however, did not enjoy her break from active duty, wanting to return to Kashyyyk with Kre'fey's fleet and continue fighting the Vong.[57]

Over the next few months, Jaina flew with Kre'fey's fleet in a series of harrowing raids and skirmishes on the Yuuzhan Vong, garnering experience for the pilots in her command as part of Ackbar's plan to smash the Vong war fleet. The campaign culminated in the Battle of Ebaq 9. Jaina and some of the other Jedi were alleged to be on the moon defending the government, though it was actually a trap for the Yuuzhan Vong. As the battle raged outside, Jaina and the others flew to the moon and waited inside. While the combined fleets of Kre'fey, Farlander, Han Solo, and Garm Bel Iblis pounded the Yuuzhan Vong in space, Tsavong Lah landed on the world with ten thousand warriors, intent on slaying or capturing all the Jedi. It was then that Vergere sacrificed her life to wipe out most of the Vong forces on the barren moon, though Tsavong Lah survived. With her companions and her feet pinned by blorash jelly, Jaina fought on Tsavong Lah during a one-on-one duel and slew him by stabbing her purple blade through his throat.[57]

Unification missionEdit


Following the New Republic victory in the Battle of Ebaq 9, Chief of State Cal Omas had the New Republic reorganized as the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, also known as the Galactic Alliance for short. Governmental changes between the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance included a new constitution, a stronger judicial branch, and a better system of checks and balances that curbed the power that under the New Republic had been almost exclusively in the hands of the Senate. After the battle, Jaina achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and was assigned to escort her parents on diplomatic missions for the Galactic Alliance. She was not particularly looking forward to the mission as she preferred to be on the front lines, but she did relish the prospect of spending more time with Jag, who was also accompanying Twin Suns, the Pride of Selonia, and the Millennium Falcon. Also while she was on Mon Calamari, Jaina received a call from Tahiri Veila. She later found Tahiri unconscious and bleeding from self-inflicted wounds. To keep an eye on the traumatized young Jedi, Tahiri accompanied them on their diplomatic mission.[10]

Their first layover was at Galantos, where the mission re-established contact with the native Fia and tried to learn the status of the Yevetha in the nearby Koornacht Cluster. Jaina grew increasingly worried about Tahiri, though, as she had taken to wandering around mindlessly or collapsing suddenly, in addition to being frail and ailing. However, duty called and Jaina volunteered to probe the edges of the Koornacht Cluster. On her scouting trip to N'zoth, Jaina and her flight found that the world had been totally pounded flat, with no trace of civilization. Then, she found a single surviving Yevethan pilot, but the fanatical alien blew himself and his ship up, causing severe damage to her craft and killing another of her pilots. She nursed her crippled X-wing back to Galantos as the Yuuzhan Vong arrived with a small fleet to enslave the world. The Fia had made a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong to destroy the Yevetha in exchange for peace, not knowing that the invaders planned on enslaving them as well. The resulting action between Galactic Alliance and Yuuzhan Vong, with the Galactic Alliance Forces eventually aided by a few Fia defenders, was the Battle of Galantos. Jaina avoided the majority of the dogfight, as her craft was already damaged. Instead, she worked on disabling the slaveships that the Yuuzhan Vong had brought with them. They were successful and the Fia renounced all ties to the Peace Brigade in favor of the Galactic Alliance. After Jaina had rested, Jag showed her the Yuuzhan Vong pendant that Tahiri had discovered on Galantos and Jaina began to realize that Tahiri was still having issues with her having been shaped by the Yuuzhan Vong.[10]

In 28 ABY, Jaina participated during the assault on Ylesia as a Major and led the Jedi forces, while Tigran Jamiro led the conventional military forces of the Republic; Jaina's second cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo, led the Peace Brigade forces as its leader. Jaina eventually captured Thrackan, thus ending the Battle of Ylesia.[58]

Later, Jaina helped thwart a Ssi-ruuvi attempt to retake Bakura and rename it Xwhee. During part of this mission, Jaina worked with Malinza Thanas to thwart Prime Minister Molierre Cundertol's betrayal of Bakura. Jaina also helped Tahiri Veila deal with her conflicting personalities that sometimes rendered Tahiri unconscious.[59] Afterwards, she went in search of the engineers who had made Cundertol into a human replica droid. Discovering their hideout, their leader Stanton Rendar tried to convince her to become an HRD, but she refused. Stanton left and destroyed the installation, with Jaina narrowly escaping the blast.[60] She also helped in the defense of Esfandia, both in space and on the planet's surface as well. She also went into a coma when joining minds with a similarly comatose Tahiri in a final effort to help her that ultimately resulted in Tahiri's dual personalities melding and allowing her to fully recover. While she was comatose, she heard Jag Fel tell her that he loved her and wanted her to come back.[61] Following these, in 29 ABY, Jaina participated during the defense of Mon Calamari. The battle was a victory for the Galactic Alliance, partly due to the death of a yammosk on nearby Caluula. The yammosk was used by the extragalactic aliens to coordinate their forces in combat. With the death of the yammosk, the Yuuzhan Vong forces were scattered.[62]

File:Ssi-Ruu v Jedi.jpg

Later it was discovered that the biological weapon Alpha Red had killed the yammosk and also destroyed much of Caluula's biosphere. Despite the threat of the bioweapon, the Yuuzhan Vong kept pressing their attack. However, the Yuuzhan Vong armada soon received word that Zonama Sekot had entered the Yuuzhan'tar system, formerly the Coruscant system and now the Vong capital. Realizing that Yuuzhan'tar came first, Warmaster Nas Choka ordered the fleet to withdraw from their advance.[62]

During the liberation of Coruscant, Jaina and her brother Jacen, along with Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, began an assault on the Citadel, which was the palace of Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane. The Jedi and the Galactic Alliance received help from the "Jeedai"-worshiping Shamed Ones, who were eager to overthrow their oppressors.[62]

During the assault, Shimrra and his jester Onimi unleashed their elite Slayers on the Jedi. The battle came close to claiming the lives of all three Jedi, but they emerged victorious over Shimrra. However, it was soon revealed that Onimi was the true ruler of the Yuuzhan Vong. He took Jaina captive, thinking she was the Trickster. Luckily, her brother came to her aid and slew Onimi. The deaths of Shimrra and Onimi ended the Yuuzhan Vong War. Later, the Galactic Alliance signed a peace treaty with the Yuuzhan Vong.[62]

After the resolution of the war, Jaina and several other young Jedi Knights helped capture thirty warlords, and break more than one hundred smuggling operations. It was also during this time that Jag proposed to her, though she declined, because she felt she still had to sort through her life before she could commit herself.[62]

Dark Nest Crisis (35 ABY–36 ABY)Edit

A cry for helpEdit

Five years later, Jaina, along with her brother and almost all of the Myrkr strike team survivors, returned to the Unknown Regions after being called there by the Force. There, they discovered that Raynar Thul had survived and had been joined to a Killik hive. Jaina and Zekk also joined the Killiks and became Joiners—non-Killiks who had been absorbed into the Killik hive mind. The Chiss, however, did not like the Killiks expanding along their borders and launched raids to remove what they viewed as a menace. Jaina and the others flew their X-wings in defense of the colony, leading to a blockade of the system by the Chiss. The attachment that she had to the Killiks was such that not even her parents or uncle and Master could convince her to leave the nest. Jaina's and Zekk's actions during the First Battle of Qoribu led them to be expelled from the Taat nest by UnuThul, though, and Jaina reluctantly returned to the Jedi Order.[11]

A year later, Jaina and Zekk were assigned to investigate reports of stolen Tibanna gas on Bespin. The planet had become increasingly prone to attacks by tibanna tappers, who sought to use their gases for their own purposes. Upon their arrival, Jaina and Zekk intercepted a trio of tappers siphoning Tibanna gas at a refinery and engaged them in a dogfight above BesGas Three. However, during the fight, the tappers managed to make a hasty escape into the Change Zone. Jaina and Zekk continued the pursuit, bypassing the dangerous storms in the Change Zone, and finally catching up with the thieves at an ancient refinery in the Dead Eye.[63]

Shortly afterwards, Jaina and Zekk—still Joined with each other—were tricked by Jacen into attacking a Chiss base to cause a war between the Chiss and the Killiks. Jaina was furious, and vowed that she would never fly with Jacen again. The Swarm War had begun.[63]

Swarm WarEdit

File:Japanese joinerking-Jaina Solo.jpg

I should never have made the mistake of thinking Jedi had honor.

Jagged Fel, to Jaina Solo, Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

When Luke Skywalker called all the Jedi to the Conclave on Ossus, Jaina and Zekk ignored the call, and remained in the Unknown Regions to help the Killiks win the war against the Chiss on Tenupe. The Chiss invaded Tenupe, landing thousands of troops on the planet's surface. The Killiks counterattacked by digging tunnels underneath the Chiss drop ships. During the battle, Jaina led the ground forces of Jooj and Rekker, supported by airborne squadrons of Qeeq and Aebea, led by Zekk.[64]

In the last stages of the battle, Jaina and Zekk were forced to work with the Jedi traitor Alema Rar to destroy the Chiss' weapon against the Killiks, parasite bombs. During this stage of the Battle of Tenupe, Jaina and Zekk engaged Jag in a dogfight where she confessed to Jag that she still did and would always love him, and pleaded for him to eject before she shot him down. This gave Jag the chance to escape, only to later be shot down by the Millennium Falcon.[64]

The Chiss were able to halt the Killik advance after retreating behind their shield generators and launching insecticide into the Killik lines. However, the Chiss were forced to withdraw once again after their shields were breached by the huge Kolosolok. The ground battle became a stalemate as the massive casualties sustained by the Killiks began to take their toll.[64]

At the end of the Swarm War, Zekk and Jaina were rescued by the Millennium Falcon from the shelter they were holed up in on Tenupe. Both of them were sent to recover in the infirmary, and were quite worried about Jagged Fel's fate. During their time on Tenupe their exposure to other nests caused their Joiner bond to the Taat nest, and each other to deteriorate, eventually leaving them almost completely un-joined by the time of their departure from Tenupe.[64] Their familiarity with each other because of their time as joiners meant they retained a strong force connection to each other.[65] Due to this connection they remained close as of 40 ABY. Both went to great lengths to explain to family and friends that they were just friends and partners, but Jaina's family saw something more than a simple friendship.[8]

Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY–41 ABY)Edit

Rising tensionsEdit

Traitor? Wait a minute, I'm half Corellian by birth, sure, but I wasn't raised a citizen. And as Jedi, we're supposed to put the interest of the greater good above planetary concerns.

Jaina Solo, Betrayal

Also around this time, tensions flared between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia, and threatened to divide her family. Out of duty, Jaina, Jacen, Luke, and Mara took to the defense of the Alliance, while her parents adopted the viewpoint of the Corellians.[8][66]

With the discovery of an illegal missile factory on Adumar, the Galactic Alliance decided to make a punitive military strike at Corellia. Jaina participated in the operation as the leader of Team Purella–consisting of Zekk, Kolir Hu'lya, and Thann Mithric–which was tasked with kidnapping Prime Minster Aidel Saxan from her residence in Coronet. The mission, however, had gone equivocally wrong from the start. While trailing Aidel Saxan’s convoy in traffic, Jaina, Kolir, and Thann fell into a trap and were ambushed by CorSec YVH droids. Zekk managed to land atop of the Prime Minister’s convoy, but instead of finding Saxan, he encountered a decoy and was forced off as the droid self-destructed. Jaina rushed to Zekk’s aid, reaching him just in time to slow down his descent with the Force. She was joined soon after by Kolir and Thann, and together they managed to destroy the remainder of the droids. With Zekk in tow, the group fled the scene and made their way to Behareh Spaceport, where they met up with Tahiri’s team. The mission was dubbed a failure, as both teams failed to catch their quarry, and with Corellians alerted to their presence, they were forced to leave behind Tiu Zax and make a silent retreat. The operation, however, was a partial success; Jacen and Ben managed to cripple Centerpoint Station, buying the Alliance enough time for a counterattack.[8]

When the Galactic Alliance decided to have peace talks with Corellia in the Kuat system, Jaina and Zekk accompanied her family to Toryaz Station. Later that night, the station came under attack by a group of drugged Corellian commandos hired by Jaina’s cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo, and Lumiya to eliminate Aidel Saxan and Gilad Pellaeon. Pellaeon managed to come out unharmed and well, unfortunately, Saxan wasn’t as lucky, as she was killed during the course of the attack. Jaina and Zekk were assigned to investigate Siron Tawaler, the security officer who had gone missing some time before the attack. They caught up with Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu outside of the airlock Tawaler was last seen in, and traded leads before examining the area. There, Wedge discovered a tassel and as promised, he handed the cloth over to Jaina.[8]

Leaving Jacen to investigate the tassels, Jaina and Zekk returned to the task force on Corellia, and took command of Skywalker’s Hardpoint Squadron. After running training drills with the pilots, Jaina moved the squadron and their fighters to the outpost orbiting Tralus, where they anxiously waited to be called into the battle that was beginning to take place over the planet. For the most part, Jaina and the other Jedi remained docked at Rendilir’s beachead while VibroSword Squadron attempted to protect Tralus’ shield generators from being destroyed. Though they failed to prevent the shield’s destruction,[8] the Alliance managed to engulf Corellia in a blockade of ships, further crippling their military strength.[66]

Siblings grow further apartEdit

As the war raged on, Jaina returned to active duty, and became part of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force in order to crush insurgents under the leadership of Corellia. However, Jaina didn't approve of Jacen's promotion to Colonel, which strained their relationship even more. Still holding her rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Jaina and her brother led Rogue Squadron into battle, but she questioned her brother's methods. During the Blockade of Corellia Jacen ordered Jaina to fire on a civilian ship, but she refused. As a result, Jaina was stripped of her rank and suspended. Jaina began noticing Jacen's dark behavior and was the first to suggest that Ben Skywalker should be given a new master, while, at the same time, admitting Jacen was now a stranger to her while speaking to her uncle Luke. Jaina questioned her twin brother's moral judgment, and felt that Jacen would hurt her deeply in the future.[66]

Shortly afterwards, Jaina and Zekk were ordered to observe the supposedly secret Corellian fleet. They were alerted out of Force-hibernation when Jaina's astromech caught the Falcon leaving the area and followed it until it jumped, discovering that her parents were setting their course for Hapes. Jaina returned from their mission to report to Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, but didn't reveal the identity of the ship. He mentioned to Jaina that Jacen had started assassinating Bothans because he suspected and blamed them for poisoning the World Brain. Calling her bluff for not revealing the ship to be the Falcon, Nek ordered Jaina Solo to collect Zekk and go to Hapes to warn Tenel Ka of the possibility of Corellia moving to aid in deposing her.[65]

After retrieving Zekk from the Kiris Asteroid Cluster, Jaina and Zekk traveled to Hapes, where Tenel Ka and Isolder told them of her parents' involvement in an assassination attempt. Distraught at this revelation, Jaina was forced to choose between her family and her duty to the Jedi Order. Choosing the latter, Jaina and Zekk undertook a mission from Tenel Ka to deliver her fleet's mobilization orders to Lady Galney's sister on Terephon. However, the two were attacked by Miy'tils owned by the Ducha, which destroyed their X-wings and stranded the two. After escaping the Miy'tils, Jaina and Zekk were rescued by Ben Skywalker in his skiff. Upon arriving near Hapes with valuable intelligence, Jaina, Zekk, Ben and another crewman fled in the escape pods as the skiff came under attack by insurrection forces. Rescued by the Millennium Falcon, Jaina and the others boarded the ship under heavy fire from the Anakin Solo, by order of Jacen. While Jaina was helping her father with repairs, Ben unexpectedly tried to arrest Han, even going as far pulling his lightsaber on Jaina. Seeing this, Zekk tackled Ben from behind and managed to grab a hold of him. Unfortunately, while trying to do so, Zekk was accidentally slashed in the abdomen by Ben's lightsaber. Shortly afterwards, Han asked Jaina to leave the Falcon with Ben and the severely injured Zekk, saying his goodbyes to his family before they jettisoned in the Falcon's escape pods. Later on, they were rescued by Hapan vessels and reunited with the others on Hapes.[65]

After returning to the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jaina unexpectedly ran into Jagged Fel. After a tense reunion, Jaina teamed up with Jag and Zekk to track down Alema Rar. This partnership was led by Jagged, with Jaina's reluctant agreement. Jaina found herself increasingly irritated by the increasing friction between Jag and Zekk over each other's supposed interest in her. Meeting up with her parents and several close friends on the Errant Venture, Jaina, Zekk, and Jag helped spring a trap on Alema Rar, who was trying to kill her parents. Despite being shot by Jagged, the Twi'lek managed to escape.[67]

Hunting AlemaEdit

If I'm supposed to be the Sword of the Jedi, it's time I took it seriously.

Jaina to Luke after Mara's death, Sacrifice

Jaina would later admit to using her conflicting emotions for Zekk and Jag to block her emotions and thoughts of Jacen. She thought that the family, and not just Mara should go after Lumiya. Due to this, Jaina hunted Lumiya with Mara, but later left after Mara said she wanted to handle Lumiya alone and told Jaina to track down Alema Rar. After feeling Mara's death through the Force, Jaina was the first to rush to her uncle's aid. When Luke asked her if she wanted Zekk or Jag to be with her, Jaina replied that she was done with them and that the Sword of the Jedi was needed.[68]

Jaina did not attend the Funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker, as she was with Zekk and Jag hunting Alema Rar, who had acquired a Sith meditation sphere from Lumiya. Jaina repeatedly informed both men that she was not interested in them, desiring to dedicate herself to pursuing Alema Rar, who was a suspect in the death of Mara Jade Skywalker. They pursued her to the Jedi academy on Ossus, where Jaina found that there were larger issues to deal with, thanks to Jacen. Zekk remained hidden with their ship while Jaina and Jag went into the academy to investigate and inform Kam and Tionne Solusar. However, while most of the senior Jedi Masters and Knights were at the funeral, Jacen (aka Darth Caedus) had sent a GAG battalion to secure the academy and effectively hold it hostage.[69]

Upon arriving, Jaina found an unbalanced Major Serpa in charge of the GAG contingent, who had her and Jag disarmed. Jaina would have preferred to engage them, but she knew that the young Jedi trainees' lives were at stake, so she complied. Not long after and light years away, Luke Skywalker openly broke with Jacen, abandoning the Galactic Alliance. In response, Jacen ordered the Jedi at the academy slain. The GAG attempted to coma gas Jaina before they killed her, but she awoke, cleared the gas from her body, and warned the others. While Tionne and Kam attempted to confront Major Serpa unarmed, Jaina and Jag picked off the sniper teams, though not before the snipers nearly killed Kam and Serpa mutilated Tionne. Jaina stormed down to save the young trainees, who had been herded into one area by the GAG. As young Jedi-to-be erupted in rebellion, Jaina confronted Serpa, who had taken a trainee hostage to stop her from killing him. However, at that time, Zekk arrived from his concealment and sliced Serpa's arm off. Meanwhile, the Jedi subdued the GAG, though at heavy cost in young lives.[69]

Jaina then met up with her uncle Luke on Kashyyyk, where he and her parents had been convincing the Wookiees to resist Jacen, who arrived shortly thereafter in the Anakin Solo. When Caedus, whom Jaina no longer recognized as family, started bombarding Kashyyyk, Jaina and Luke were part of a StealthX strike against the Fifth Fleet. As Luke made a solo run on the Anakin Solo with shadow bombs in hopes of killing Jacen, Jaina flew cover for him. However, Jacen also entered the fray in a StealthX, attempting to thwart his uncle while maneuvering such that any of Jaina's shots that missed Caedus would impact on Luke's vehicle. On the last of these passes, Jaina's shots hit the rear fuselage of Luke's StealthX, blasting it apart. Horrified, she returned to Kashyyyk with the knowledge that she had killed her uncle.[69]

However, Luke had faked his death to disable the Anakin Solo and rescue Ben from Jacen. As he returned with Ben, Confederation and Hapan fleets pounded the Fifth Fleet until it withdrew, and Jaina followed her uncle and the rest of the Jedi in refusing to take sides in the conflict. However, she and Leia both promised Luke that they would beat him severely if he ever scared them by faking his death again.[69]

Forging the SwordEdit

I'm trying to find a way to tell her that if you sharpen a sword all the time, even when it's not dull, by the time you need it there's no metal left. It will break. But she's not listening.

Jagged Fel, to Han and Leia Solo, about Jaina being too focused on the future fight with her brother, Fury

Following Jacen's bombardment of Kashyyyk, Jaina, Jag, and Zekk went there to help Jaina's parents in fighting the forest fires that had been ignited. During these efforts, Jaina and the others encountered an attack by a seemingly whole Alema Rar. They defeated Alema, but could later find no trace of her presence. They would later deduce that the attacker had been merely a Force Phantom controlled by Rar.[12]

Jaina became obsessed with training as the Sword of the Jedi while on Kashyyyk, but Jagged Fel made her see otherwise when he told her that she was an excellent Sword, but was becoming a terrible Jedi. Jagged had defeated Jaina in a sparring session using the Mandalorian crushgaunts and beskar armor plates Boba Fett had sent to Han Solo, angering the younger Solo. Upset, she had used the Force to hurl Jag into a tree. If not for the armor he was wearing, Jag would have been killed. Jag also said that Jaina had been preparing as if she were going to fight someone who fought like a Jedi. He said that Alema Rar or Jacen would not do this. Therefore, he demonstrated how an opponent would use trickery to defeat her. However, Jaina did see his reasoning.[12]

Her next major mission after finishing her training on Kashyyyk was to journey with her parents on the Love Commander while trying to plant a tracker on the Anakin Solo and launch a data raid on Solo's shuttle. Jaina and Han, along with Zekk and Jag, infiltrated the vessel while Leia attempted to negotiate with her son. Battling through the security on the Star Destroyer, the four were able to get through to Solo's shuttle while placing their tracing device. Their mission completed, the saboteurs waited for Leia to return. By then, the Anakin Solo was in the middle of a pitched battle. Waiting until Luke Skywalker and the other Jedi had successfully distracted Jacen, the five infiltrators left.[12]

Along with Zekk, her parents, and Jagged, Jaina later hunted down the rogue Jedi Alema Rar. With Talon Karrde's organization having sent them the location of the asteroid where Rar was likely hiding, Jaina, Zekk, Jag, Han, and Leia headed out to confront the deranged dark Jedi. Jag, Zekk, and Jaina landed their craft on the asteroid and began their hunting, fighting through phantom mynocks that sometimes resembled the intruders. Jaina became separated first from Jag when he went on a chase to distract their pursuit, and then from Zekk when the other Jedi attempted to deal with Rar's Sith Meditation Sphere. Confronting Alema, Jaina pursued the Twi'lek and engaged her, but the planting of explosives on the asteroid by an unknown party caused the de-pressurization of the atmosphere. Jag Fel caught back up with her at this point, as the phantom mynocks had disappeared when Zekk had chased off the meditation sphere. Knowing that he could survive longer in vacuum than she could thanks to his customized suit, Jag told her to get clear while he dealt with Rar. Jaina reluctantly complied and went to help Zekk back to their fighters and the Millennium Falcon.[12]

After linking back up with Jag, who had killed Rar and narrowly escaped the destruction of the asteroid, Jaina and the others returned to the secret Jedi base on Endor. Jaina then participated in the recovery mission to retrieve Allana from the control of Darth Caedus. Flying in Rakehell Squadron as Rakehell Nine (her old designation from Twin Suns Squadron), Jaina flew with the others and created the deception that allowed the shuttle Reveille to land inside the Anakin Solo and deposit a boarding team of Luke and Ben Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, and Saba Sebatyne to rescue Allana. Once again, the Corellian system was ablaze with war as the Rakehells stayed near Centerpoint Station after escorting their second shuttle, this time bearing Kyp Durron and Doctor Toval Seyah, into the station to disable it. For a time, the Rakehells were engaged by Galactic Alliance starfighters, including the legendary Rogue Squadron, and were forced to kill the other pilots in self-defense, despite having no great desire to do so. However, they gained a reprieve as Confederate forces also moved in to engage the Galactic Alliance task force. After the intrusion team aboard the Anakin Solo retrieved Allana and were extracted by Jag and Kyle Katarn aboard the Millennium Falcon, Jaina and the other Rakehells flew cover for the Falcon as they escaped the battle and jumped into hyperspace, to be later rejoined by Durron and Seyah. The end result of the concurrent battle had been the destruction of Centerpoint Station thanks to sabotage, but the Confederation fleet had also inflicted significant losses on the task force that had accompanied the Anakin Solo.[12]

Training under Boba FettEdit

Fett, you can teach me to bring down Jedi. You've done it often enough.

Jaina imploring Boba Fett to train her, Revelation

Boba Fett around the time that he trained Jaina, in 40 ABY.

Inspired by the "gift" Boba Fett had sent to her father and something that Jag had said, Jaina set out to find Fett, hoping to enlist his aid in hunting Jacen and to learn from him skills she would need to confront her twin. Before she left, she was present with Leia when her cousin Ben Skywalker confessed to investigating Jacen's role in Mara Jade Skywalker's death. Arriving on Mandalore in an X-wing, Jaina found herself confronted by a group of heavily armed Mandalorians, and she was escorted to meet Boba Fett in a humble, rustic cantina that served as the Mandalore's seat of government, all too aware of the traditional Mandalorian dislike for Jedi. Fett agreed to train her, but promised to be a hard teacher. While in the cantina, she encountered a pair of Force-sensitive Mandalorians, Gotab and Venku, but had little chance to talk with them.[70]

In her first lesson, Fett started by dueling her with a lightsaber, only to eventually relax and discuss Jacen's strengths as other Mandalorians gathered to watch. Her guard lowered, Fett delivered a tremendous punch to her midsection, catching her completely by surprise and humiliating her. It was not to be her only defeat at the hands of the warrior people. Needless to say, there was significant tension between Jaina and Fett, but she put up with it in her quest to find a way to defeat Caedus. Another Mandalorian, Goran Beviin, also managed some of her training, and managed to defeat her in combat with Mandalorian iron beskad sabers. Beviin also taught her the importance of being able to wage a total war, an all-or-nothing combat against one's opponent. However, Beviin also allowed her to stay at his farm, and there Jaina met Mirta Gev, Fett's granddaughter, who eventually came to regard her as a comrade in arms. Jaina realized that the harsh savagery of the Mandalorians contrasted with the familial bonds they seemed to share.[70]

Even as she trained under Fett, she was required to help with mechanical work and other fairly menial tasks around the Mandalorian settlement, and in doing so, learned about the Mandalorian culture and Fett's personal history. Fett himself told her that he particularly reserved Jacen for her to deal with, because it was the fault of the Skywalker and Solo families that he had been allowed to wreak such havoc. In addition to her standard training, Jaina accompanied Fett and other Mandalorians to Fondor, hired out as a contract force to accompany Admiral Natasi Daala's ragtag Maw Irregular Fleet. After Gilad Pellaeon was murdered by Jacen's new Sith apprentice, Tahiri Veila, on his flagship, the Bloodfin, Jaina and the Mandalorians boarded the ship, with Jaina expecting Caedus to rescue his new apprentice. The Mandalorians stormed Bloodfin, killing any Imperials who dared to resist them and also dealing with the renegade Moffs who had planned on seizing power after Pellaeon's death and had been aiding Caedus. Jaina and Mirta set out after Tahiri and chased her down the escape shafts. Mirta charged Veila and engaged her in vicious melee combat, using a vibroblade to slice Veila's femoral artery while Jaina held off other Imperials. However, Caedus arrived and began Force-choking Mirta until Jaina broke his grip, which allowed the Sith and his apprentice to make their escape. While the Sith Lord suffered further injury from a group of Mandalorians, he and Veila were able to escape, planning on regrouping and consolidating back on Coruscant.[70]

Following the battle, Jaina returned to Mandalore to continue her training. She also was brought into the secret that Fett's wife, Sintas Vel, long believed dead, was actually alive and had recently been unfrozen from carbonite. Jaina visited Vel and suggested that a Jedi healer might be able to heal some of the mental damage that Vel had sustained while in hibernation. She sensed that one of the Force-sensitive Mandalorians, Gotab, had skill in the healing arts, and recruited him to apply Force-induced therapy on Vel. Jaina took part in the two-hour process, lending her considerable Force strength to Gotab, and Vel began making a much more complete recovery. During this time, Jaina also received Ben Skywalker's presentation of evidence that Jacen Solo had killed Mara Jade Skywalker, via a holocomm, which only stiffened her resolve to learn how to deal with Caedus.[70]

A month into her training with Fett, Jaina, increasingly aware of the Mandalorian predilection for adopting others into their culture, was invited to Mirta Gev's wedding, where, to the delight of Mandalorians, she opened numerous bottles of ale with the Force simultaneously. After learning of her own sordid family history shortly before her wedding, Gev approached Jaina virtually in tears and revealed what she had discovered; ironically, this was right after she had been married. Jaina tried her best to assuage her fears and encouraged her to enjoy the day. While Beviin, Gev, and some of the other Mandalorians no longer saw her as a menace and a complete outsider, Fett himself remained as hard-edged and ruthless as always, and Jaina overheard a conversation between him and Natasi Daala on Bloodfin about their mutual desire to be rid of both Jedi and Sith. Fett's trainings did develop a capability for total war in Jaina, and she learned to not show compassion, nor weakness in front of him or Beviin, who in particular advised her that a confrontation between her and Caedus needed to happen as that she was the only one willing to handle the necessary job of killing him, though Jaina preferred to capture him. Also, through discussion with former Jedi-turned-Mandalorian Gotab, Jaina also came to the realization that because Jacen had lost everything that mattered in his life, he was now driven by the only things he had left to hold on to, his anger and hate. As a result, Jaina's own hate for her brother was replaced with pity, and cemented her resolve to bring him down in order to end his miserable existence.[70]

She later aided Fett and the Mandalorians in defending the Roche asteroids from Imperial forces allied with Caedus, though there remained tension between her and Fett, and Jaina resolved not to let on that she knew about his conversation with Daala. The battle saw the Roche asteroids overrun by Remnant forces and, after a brief clash with a group of stormtroopers, Solo was ordered to escape in a Mandalorian Bes'uliik starfighter by Fett, who said that she was prepared to face Caedus.[71]

Ending CaedusEdit

The only surprise will be if there are no surprises.

Jaina Solo, Invincible (novel)

Solo returned to the temporary Jedi base on Shedu Maad, where she was re-united with her parents and Jedi comrades. There, in a meeting with the Masters' Council where her parents and Jagged Fel were also present, she proposed that she go after Caedus to bring him down. To her surprise, the Masters relented after making sure she was willing to kill Jacen and that her actions were motivated by a sense of need and justice, not vengeance. For his part, Luke Skywalker explained that he could not hunt down Jacen himself, though he wanted to, as he would all-too-easily be carried away by personal vengeance for the death of his wife. Instead, Skywalker was seeing into the visions and altering Jacen's meditations so that the Sith Lord saw Skywalker as the lone impediment to his achievements. Furthermore, Han and Leia agreed to accompany Jaina to Coruscant on a mission to go after Jacen, along with Ben Skywalker.[71]

Jaina vs Caedus

Jaina battles her brother.

Jaina and her mother followed Ben discreetly to Monument Plaza while he met with one of his local contacts, Lon Shevu, a captain in the Galactic Alliance Guard. However, Shevu had been followed by Caedus's agents, including his apprentice Tahiri Veila. After Shevu was captured, Ben escaped away from the two Solos, trying to keep them from being discovered. Leia and Jaina attempted pursuit anyway after Veila captured Ben, but they were forced to break off the chase after Veila starting leading them into an obvious trap where they would be captured as well. Heart-stricken, they made their way back to their ship and returned to Shedu Maad to inform Luke Skywalker that they had lost his son. As they broke the news to him, Skywalker informed them that he had already foreseen that possible future and allowed it to happen anyway, for the sake of bringing down Caedus.[71]

Ben later escaped though, and brought word that Caedus was actually in the Roche system aboard Nickel One. At that point, Luke Skywalker had the Jedi Order launch an assault on the system with their StealthXs and new GAT-24 Skipray Blastboats. For her part, Jaina was loaded into a dropsuit and carried into battle by a blastboat crewed by her parents, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3PO, and Saba Sebatyne. As the Jedi attacked, Boba Fett's Mandalorians also arrived and began attacking the occupying forces as well, as Fett had given the Verpine his word that he would return. The Jedi allowed Fett's forces to take the brunt of the counter-fire and Jaina was launched over Nickel One. Before she landed, she destroyed a pair of Starhunter fighters attacking her parents' blastboat, as well as dealing with an anti-fighter gun, but was saddened to see a Mandalorian landing party shredded by cluster mines before they could set down. Jaina quickly entered the hangar and dealt with the guards before allowing the surviving Mandalorians, including Mirta Gev, into the hangar. Gev insisted that she and her group were after the Moffs and they insisted Jaina accompany them, if only to help them against Caedus. With the aid of Nickel One's surveillance system, which Boba Fett had hijacked, the Mandalorian party quickly located the Moffs and attacked, over Jaina's objections, as the Jedi still didn't know where Caedus was.[71]

The Mandalorians attacked the Moffs and their bodyguards, but Caedus intervened before the bodyguards were defeated, turning the tide of the fight against the Mandalorians. Caedus personally slew several Mandalorians and while Jaina attempted to kill him with a sniper rifle, she only managed to hit him in the shoulder. As he defeated the last commando, she jumped down from her perch to engage him. They fought, and Jaina sustained several injuries, including a head wound, though she managed to sever Caedus's arm. Furthermore, thanks to Luke's efforts, Caedus believed her to be Luke. However, the duel began turning against her and she reluctantly decided to leave, escaping to the blastboat where her parents, Fel, and Skywalker were waiting. She was nearly delirious, mumbling nonsense as she was carried aboard the blastboat due to her head injury.[71]

With Jaina extracted, the Jedi forces returned to Shedu Maad to regroup. Jaina recuperated during that time, though she also continued training in hand-to-hand combat and had Luke Skywalker teach her the shatterpoint skill, which she had observed Caedus use against a Mandalorian. Shortly afterward, Skywalker recognized that she had been marked with a Nightsister blood trail, whereby Caedus could determine her location with the Force thanks to his blood that had splattered on her. Realizing that their safe house had been compromised, Skywalker prepared the Jedi for a last defense and final assault on Caedus. The Jedi were reinforced by the arrival of Tenel Ka's Hapan fleet, though the Queen Mother informed the Jedi that Prince Isolder had been captured by Caedus.[71]

Since she had been marked with the blood trail, Jaina flew as Zekk's wingman in a StealthX, luring Caedus and his fleet into the Transitory Mists near Shedu Maad. Once they had gotten close enough, Skywalker launched his forces against the fleet as a diversion while Jaina and Zekk swooped in on the Anakin Solo. They were heavily battered by defensive fire on the first run, but after Skywalker's StealthXs had drawn away the hostile batteries, Jaina and Zekk made their run on the Anakin Solo. Both of their craft were hit and Jaina was forced to eject, though she successfully landed on the Anakin Solo and hastily made her way inside.[71]

As a Jedi raid to free Isolder had been aborted, Jaina made her way to the detention block and, though she didn't find the Hapan prince, she did find Mirta Gev, who had survived the Battle on Roche One, albeit as a prisoner with a damaged spinal column. Caedus had tortured her, but she was still defiant. They both knew that Jaina couldn't free her comrade at that instant, as Caedus was still running loose, so Jaina deactivated the restraints, gave Gev a blaster rifle, and continued onward. She found Caedus in the bio-disposal chamber of the Anakin Solo, attempting to dispose of Isolder's body, as Caedus had murdered him.[71]

Jaina caught him off-guard, stabbing him in the abdomen, but Caedus didn't seem unduly hampered by the wound. The twins fought, with both liberally using Force powers and unarmed combat moves to punish the other as they struggled for advantage. During the duel, Caedus told her that he had to warn Tenel Ka of a nanovirus targeted to her and Allana. Jaina believed this to be a trap and engaged him relentlessly, no longer caring for her own survival if she was able to end the Sith menace. Their lightsabers finally connected with each other when Caedus slashed her across her stomach, while she cut his Achilles tendon. With only one arm and one good leg, Caedus could no longer prevent his death. Even though he could have ended the duel with a draw, he would have died anyway, so Caedus stopped fighting, disengaging his lightsaber and reached out in the Force, giving his life to warn Tenel Ka. By then, Jaina had already driven her lightsaber through his heart, killing him. She felt Jacen die through her twin bond, not Caedus. Jaina then tearfully embraced his dead form and begged for her family's forgiveness. She was then extracted by Jagged Fel, who had arrived with a sizable Jedi team that had boarded the Anakin Solo to capture the Moffs and end the battle. Before she allowed herself to be carried away, she informed Fel of Gev's status. Her parents also arrived, finding their daughter cradling the body of the brother she had just killed.[71]

Jaina was taken back off the Anakin Solo to a medical facility on a Hapan Battle Dragon to recover from the numerous injuries she sustained in the duel. Her parents came to visit her and informed her that the war was over, with Admiral Daala being chosen as the new head of state following Luke Skywalker's successful conclusion of the larger battle and the death of Caedus. She also learned that Jagged Fel had been chosen to administer the Moff Council, replacing the assassinated Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. While Tenel Ka had survived the nanovirus attack, Allana had been reported dead. However, her parents introduced her to "Amelia"—actually Allana, whom they had adopted by Tenel Ka's request to keep her safe and train in the Jedi ways. Afterwards Jaina reflected that perhaps Jacen had succeeded in his quest, that he had brought peace to the galaxy, sacrificing his name and life to do so.[71]

Picking up the pieces (43 ABY—)Edit

Jaina Solo: "Get this thing off me."
Kyle Katarn: "I'm driving here, and that's 'Get this thing off me, please, Master Katarn.''"
―Jaina Solo and Kyle Katarn after Solo was hit by a shock net[src]

In 43 ABY, Jaina was present when the Gilad Pellaeon arrived over Coruscant as part of an Imperial presence at a reunification summit. She was onboard a diplomatic shuttle accompanied by a Galactic Alliance delegation, but while Imperial head of state Jagged Fel's time was largely preoccupied with diplomatic matters, she was able to spend some time with him. He discussed the possibility of establishing some kind of Jedi presence in the Empire, for a number of reasons, but Jaina was reluctant to support his idea.[13]

Later, Solo was also present at another unification summit meeting held on Coruscant attended by Fel, and was also present shortly thereafter when Luke Skywalker was taken into custody by Galactic Alliance Security personnel. Though she was seething when Skywalker was arrested for criminal negligence leading to Jacen's fall, the elder Jedi accepted his fate quietly and without protest, and Jaina likewise made no move of hostility. Skywalker was released after an arraignment on his own recognizance, but all the Jedi were aware that public opinion was being swiftly shifted against them.[13]

After fellow Jedi Valin Horn, who had gone seemingly insane and had to be placed in protective custody, escaped from the Jedi Temple, Solo participated in the pursuit effort. She was paired with Master Kyle Katarn for the mission, and followed Horn, who had stolen an X-wing, in an airspeeder. At one point, Horn was forced to eject from his craft and landed another vehicle manned by a group of bounty hunters. Jaina followed him down, landing nearby Horn, who fled at seeing her presence. Jaina attempted to follow but was hit by a weapon fired by Quarren bounty hunter Dhidal Nyz, which ensnared her in an electrified net. This caused her to lose her balance and fall off, but she was caught by Master Katarn, who freed her from the net. They received fire from the bounty hunters, but Jaina's mother defended them with the quad lasers on the Millennium Falcon. Eventually, Horn was subdued by Luke Skywalker.[13]

However, the incident only served to intensify public opinion against the Jedi. While assigned by her own request as the official Jedi liaison to the Galactic Empire, Jaina received catcalls and filth tossed at her. After the Galactic Alliance and Luke Skywalker negotiated a deal where Skywalker would be exiled for ten years or until he could prove he knew how Jacen had fallen, Jaina was present at his send-off, and later at the first meeting held by interim Grand Master Kenth Hamner. Hamner informed the Jedi that they would be accompanied by government observers, an idea which Jaina had little love for. She was even more angry when she learned that her observer would be Dab Hantaq, an old acquaintance from the Yuuzhan Vong War who also bore a resemblance to her deceased brother Anakin. Solo complained about her observer to Hamner, who advised her to take up the matter with the Galactic Alliance while also asking her about the whereabouts of her parents; Jaina evaded his questions. During this time, she was also assigned to study up on Nyz and the other bounty hunters who had pursued Valin Horn, and managed to sneak away to spend some more time with Jag, who once again tried to convince her to open a Jedi school in the Empire. She again rebuffed him, telling him that serving as the Sword of the Jedi was her responsibility. While with Jag, she also visited Tahiri Veila, who was living alone, away from the Jedi, and asked her about Jacen, though Veila had little to offer.[13]


She was also present when Horn was turned over to the Galactic Alliance and later at a court hearing when it was announced that he would be frozen in carbonite, which she did not take well to. Refusing to be shackled by the Galactic Alliance observers, she organized a group of people into an informal organization called Darkmeld, including fellow Jedi Tekli, former Intelligence agent and also Solo's former babysitter Winter Celchu, Fel, and Veila. Their job was to watch out for another renegade Jedi, Seff Hellin, who had also been spotted near the Temple and was suspected of having the same condition that Horn had.[13]

One night, Tekli found her and told her that Hellin had been spotted trying to get into the Armand Isard Correctional Facility, where Horn was being held. From then on, the Darkmeld members constantly observed Hellin. On one occasion, she was nearly caught sneaking out of the Temple by her observer, Hantaq, but Fel pretended to be with her when she answered the comlink, and Hantaq backed down. Later, when Hellin was prepared to break into the prison via a tunnel, Jaina, accompanied by Hantaq, took a speeder to a nearby park to provide assistance. Managing to escape Hantaq, she was able to assist in capturing Hantaq after Veila, Fel, and Celchu flushed their quarry.[13]

While pursuing the fugitive Hellin, Solo again encountered the bounty hunters they had encountered earlier, including Nyz, who snared Hellin with his net weapon. However, Solo cut the line on the net, allowing the Hellin to drop to the ground and furthermore give time for the Jedi to retrieve Hellin. The darkmeld team was then able to elude or shake off pursuit and returned to the Temple discreetly, bringing a sedated Hellin with them. Though a Galactic Alliance delegation, led by Captain Oric Harfard arrived the next day, Master Hamner denied knowledge of Hellin's whereabouts, as Solo had kept her organization secret from the Masters. However, she was eventually found out by Mon Calamari Master Cilghal, who confronted Jaina and insisted that the other Darkmeld members keep her involved in their plans from then on, to which Solo agreed.[13]

As Solo and Fel openly continued their relationship, the couple were increasingly harassed by the press, especially journalist Javis Tyrr. This also meant that Solo's activities with Darkmeld were made more difficult by the need to remain incognito. Though the observers from the Galactic Alliance were withdrawn thanks to legal action by Twi'lek attorney Nawara Ven, Tyrr incessantly harassed Solo.[72]

Jaina Solo, along with her mother, was present at a meeting of the Masters' Council shortly after Jedi Jysella Horn was affected by the same Force Psychosis that had seized Valin Horn, Hellin, and the others. She was not pleased to learn that Jysella had been taken by the Galactic Alliance and frozen in carbonite, but there was little she could do. Afterward, she took her parents to see the small secluded apartment where Darkmeld had stashed Hellin, who was still raving mad.[72]

In order to escape scrutiny, Solo and Fel used a romantic date at the luxurious Indigo Tower restaurant as a pretense to make contact with Hellin and observe him one further. One evening, Solo headed to the fancy establishment to meet with Fel, only to use a set of doubles whom they left inside the private rooms of the restaurant. In this manner, they were able to elude Tyrr. However, the persistent Tyrr eventually caught up with them and went public with his story after an altercation at the Coruscant Livestock Exchange and Exhibition. Solo had been there, along with Han, Leia, Allana, and two other Jedi, Natua Wan and Radd Minker, as part of a pet-shopping trip for Allana. While there, Wan went berserk and seized the control center, unleashing all of the caged animals and sparking pandemonium. Solo calmed some of the beasts and then searched for Wan. Encountering Tyrr, she made him divulge Wan's location. Working with Radd and Leia, Solo was able to subdue Wan and bring her back to the Jedi Temple.[72]

However, Tyrr went public with her hiding of Hellin not long afterward, as he'd successfully managed to follow her. This led to an angry confrontation between Hamner and Daala. Solo was present at their meeting, as were Leia and Han. The end result was that Jaina was confined to the Jedi Temple for two weeks, forced to apologize publicly for her role, and subjected to interviews by any reporters of Daala's choosing. Her punishment also included a day's worth of manual labor, and she bore it stoically, knowing that at least the Jedi had managed to retain both Hellin and Wan at the Jedi Order. After a day of hard work, Solo was publicly humiliated and tired. She returned to her quarters to find Fel there with a gourmet dinner. He comforted her over the meal, empathizing with her hardship and at its conclusion he proposed marriage. At first, she was astonished, but then leaped into his arms in response.[72]

Personality and traitsEdit

That kid can fly.

Han Solo, referring to Jaina, Vector Prime (novel)

Jaina was known for being more like her father than her other siblings, exhibiting an aptitude for mechanics and piloting,[7] as well as demonstrating some of Han's more impulsive and stubborn characteristics.[52] She was easily frustrated, but was good at thinking on her feet, and dedicated to what she started. Jaina had difficulties understanding the emotional distance between her and her mother as she grew up, but felt closer to her father. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Jaina discovered she had more attributes with her mother than she first thought, resulting in a much closer mother and daughter bond.[55] As Jaina became older, many noted she could act like Leia in an instant.[52] She was especially close to her twin brother Jacen, as they shared a bond in the Force similar to the one between her uncle and mother.[6]


By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Jaina was both skilled in the Force and an excellent pilot. However, the heavy loss of life during the war hardened her, and in her grief and anger following the loss of her brother, she was nearly consumed by her emotions.[15] Although she was redeemed from fully falling to the dark side, she continued to fight against the invaders vehemently, to the extent that her uncle named her the "Sword of the Jedi" in her knighting ceremony. Her lightsaber technique was described by her brother as cool and measured, never wasting any unnecessary effort.[57] Jaina was known for taking bold actions, often going farther in her prosecution of the war than the "official" Jedi position, and sometimes strayed from more orthodox Jedi doctrines. Throughout the war, she was known for being a hard worker dedicated to the cause, and for pushing those around her to excel as well. Inside, the losses of comrades affected her, and she confided that she knew her number was coming up soon, and that she expected to die in the war. Her armored exterior and purposeful distancing from others around her served to disguise the numerous emotional hurts, grief, and scars she bore. Leia admitted Jaina inherited her own work ethic.[55]

Jaina's personality was further changed by the Joining process she experienced in the Dark Nest Crisis and subsequent Swarm War.[11][63][64] At the start of the Second Corellian Insurrection, Jaina became increasingly worried, fearful, and resentful of her twin, a marked change from their childhood days of comradeship. She was particularly annoyed over his instant promotion to Colonel, a rank she worked years to achieve.[66] The continued losses of family, friends and comrades took their toll on Jaina, despite the joys she experienced in the company of her family and close friends such as Kyp Durron, Jagged Fel, and Zekk.[6] She was as determined as ever in order to complete her missions, whether that be hunting down renegade Dark Jedi Alema Rar[67] or training for a fight against Caedus. At one point, she pushed herself to the point where Jagged Fel thought she was overdoing her preparations, wearing herself out.[12] Still, Jaina saw herself as the Sword of the Jedi, a lone warrior and the avatar of the Jedi Order, which caused her to maintain an intense workload and keep herself from too many close relationships.[67][69] By the latter stages of the Second Galactic Civil War, Jaina was determined to set herself against her brother, who now styled himself Darth Caedus. Though she was reluctant to admit it, she eventually came to realize that the Jacen she had known was dead.[71] While she valued the company of her friends, family, and comrades, Jaina felt she had to deal with Caedus herself, going so far as to seek out her father's nemesis Boba Fett for training in how to defeat the Sith.[12] Her brief period of time with the Mandalorians taught her to be relentless in her pursuit of her brother, though she refused to fully acquiesce to Fett's view that compassion and other emotions were weakness. As willful and headstrong as always, Jaina presented a plan to the Masters' Council for her to challenge Caedus alone, but she was willing to accept their judgment no matter what. She knew that the only way she could defeat Caedus properly was for her mission to be a sanctioned one against a threat to the galaxy, not out of personal vengeance. Solo ultimately confronted and slew the Sith Lord her brother had become, but she still felt his loss keenly. Having to kill Jacen not only resulted in substantial physical injury for Jaina, but also emotional and psychological trauma from having to kill her twin. In the days that followed, she looked to her surviving family and friends for comfort, though several of her comrades had been injured or killed during the war.[71]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As heir to the Skywalker bloodline through her mother, Jaina was strong in the Force. She was particularly gifted with mechanical devices, though not on the level of her younger brother Anakin.[6] Even as a child, Jaina exhibited talent with the Force, instinctively using it to power telekinesis during their captivity by the Empire Reborn to irritate their captors. She also used the Force to help her and Jacen eventually escape imprisonment and was capable of producing light by rubbing air molecules together telekinetically even as a child.[23]

Later, as a teenager, Jaina received training at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum, where she was trained in the ways of the Jedi,[6] including how to construct and use a lightsaber.[35] Her closest friend was her brother Jacen Solo and the two developed a twin bond that linked them together closely. Jaina was also a skilled mechanic and pilot, having learned from her father and Chewbacca in her youth. Even as a teenager, Solo was skilled enough to install a hyperdrive in a starfighter.[33] By the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Solo was already an experienced warrior, having fought both in space[43] and on the ground.[16]At the age of sixteen, Jaina flew a record time course through the asteroid field Lando's Folly near Dubrillion, beating out the record previously held by Jedi Master Kyp Durron.[7] Solo was skilled enough to join Rogue Squadron at a young age[47] and flew numerous missions throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War against the alien invaders, scoring countless kills.[6] She was trained in the use of a Jedi healing trance, which she employed on the mission to Myrkr to help heal the torture she suffered during a brief period of Yuuzhan Vong captivity.[54]During her tutelage under Kyp Durron, Jaina learned how to erase and alter memories from her master, which she learned while in the Hapes Cluster.[16] On one occasion, Jaina joined minds with a comatose Tahiri Veila to help her unite her fragmented personality.[61] Solo was a skilled enough lightsaber combatant to personally slay Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah even with her legs pinioned[57] and she stood her own against Supreme Overlord Shimrra's slayer bodyguards in the final battle of the Yuuzhan Vong war.[62] While dueling her brother for the first time, he described her fighting style as conservative, brutal, ruthless, designed to deal damage without suffering any in return.[71] Also during the Yuuzhan Vong War, she and her brothers were able to re-create the Jedi battlemeld,[7] focusing a unit of Jedi together into one cohesive group. This ability was vital to the mission to Myrkr[54] and was also used in several other battles as Jaina and Jacen taught other Jedi the ability.[55][62]

During the Dark Nest Crisis and the Swarm War, Jaina and Zekk became Joiners, allowing them to share in the Killik hive mind. Her particular talents were more in the way of starfighter combat, though she also participated in ground battles.[11][64] Though she was eventually unjoined, Jaina would retain some of the shared-mind bond with Zekk for some time afterward.[65] Jaina retained her capabilities as a warrior into the Second Galactic Civil War and her own intense training,[12] combined with a short period of tutelage under Mandalorian commandos, only served to hone the edge of the Sword of the Jedi.[70] Though she felt she wasn't the equal of Jacen in terms of Force powers due to his prolonged study, she thought she could surprise him. Also during the war, Jaina learned the shatterpoint technique from Luke Skywalker, which she had long thought lost. She also learned how to shut down in the Force, so at to be undetectable, from her cousin Ben.[71] Later, Jaina demonstrated an affinity for the Beast Control power, being able to bend a large number of different animals to her will at the same time.[72] However, despite her skill as a Jedi Knight, pilot, and combatant, Jaina had yet to develop the use of her womanly charms for persuasion; her mother, at age sixty, was better at such subtleties than Jaina was, to the astonishment of the younger Solo.[71]

Aliases and nicknamesEdit

JainaSolo EssentialAtlas

Jedi Knight Jaina Solo

You can call me Great One. Most people do.

Jaina Solo, Destiny's Way

Jaina had a number of different nicknames throughout her life, particularly during the Yuuzhan Vong War:

Jaina's nickname in Rogue Squadron, both due to the lightsaber she carried and her skill with an X-wing's control stick.[47]
Given to Jaina when she began to mimic the role of the Yuuzhan Vong goddess Yun-Harla as part of a prolonged psychological warfare operation against the Yuuzhan Vong. This nickname and image was partially crafted by Wraith Squadron specialists during the Second Battle of Borleias and stayed with her for the entire war. Jaina was heavily involved in personifying herself as the Yuuzhan Vong deity, using a captured frigate and inventing various deceptive techniques, such as false gravitic signatures, to combat the aliens.[55]
Great One 
Another term used by Jaina during the Yuuzhan Vong War, similar to Goddess.[57]
Sword of the Jedi 
Given to Jaina by her uncle Luke during her Knighting ceremony. In giving her this title, Luke declared that she would always be on the front lines, purposeful, and determined; restless, but protecting others. Jaina embraced the title and still claimed it as of the Second Galactic Civil War, but it caused her some grief, as she sometimes felt she was meant not to love anyone or be close to anyone, particularly after the loss of so many friends and comrades during the Yuuzhan Vong War[57] and the shattering of relationships caused by the Dark Nest Crisis and Second Galactic Civil War.[65]



Zekk, sometimes you're a real pain in the neck. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kind of starting to like it."
you tell me.

Jaina and Zekk, Tempest (novel)
Jainazekk newec

Jaina and Zekk.

When Jaina first met the street-wise kid on Coruscant, she was immediately smitten with him. They shared many adventures together, becoming fast friends in the process.[29] Jaina often found her thoughts dwelling on Zekk, especially after he was inducted into the Shadow Academy.[34] It was because of their growing friendship that Jaina was able to redeem Zekk from the dark side. As they continued to see each other, the two developed a mutual attraction, though neither would admit their true feelings.[45] Despite their close bond with one another, Zekk couldn't stop her from going dark after the disastrous Mission to Myrkr, where Jaina lost both her brothers.[15] They went separate ways soon after, reuniting during the Dark Nest Crisis. However, by this time, Jaina's feelings for Zekk had turned into something that she had for her brothers, making it impossible for them to be in a relationship. The harder Zekk tried to make her fall in love with him, the more Jaina insisted that she would never be in a relationship with him.[54]

When they became Joiners, Jaina and Zekk became one person, feeling each other's emotions and hearing each other's thoughts. Despite this, Jaina still refused Zekk, wishing that her relationship with Jagged Fel had not fallen apart.[11] During the Second Galactic Civil War, Jaina and Zekk were never apart, working together on various missions. Jaina's family began to suspect that Jaina and Zekk were a couple, though both denied their relationship as being more than a friendly one. After Zekk admitted to Jaina that he was over her, Jaina was relieved. However, a series of events made Jaina reconsider their romance.[65] Both Jaina and Zekk still insisted that they were just friends, though Jaina's family believed that something had changed between the two.[8][65]

During a mission to catch Alema Rar, Zekk and Jaina were forced to work with Jagged Fel. Despite Jaina's changed attitude towards Zekk, Jagged's presence stirred old feelings, though she was attracted to them both.[67][68]

After sustaining a head wound as a result of a lightsaber duel, Jaina was extracted back to a blastboat in a delirious state. In this fashion, she stated that she wanted to share quarters with Zekk and Fel, though she did not recall this statement later. Shortly before her final duel with Caedus, during an attack run against the Anakin Solo, Jaina felt Zekk simply vanish in the Force as his ship was destroyed. She did not believe Zekk was dead because there was no sort of last reaction from him in the Force, but afterwards she was disappointed to learn that Zekk still had yet to be found.[71]

Kyp DurronEdit

You have a relationship with me. It's not boyfriend-girlfriend. It's no longer Master-apprentice. I think we both know that neither of these is right. It's partners, whatever that means.

Jaina, to Kyp, Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

After her brush with the dark side, Solo apprenticed herself to Kyp Durron, a maverick Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order.[15][16] She was initially attracted to Durron's aggressive stance in the war, though, gradually, Jaina found herself developing romantic feelings for the much older Jedi–feelings that were also returned by Durron.[52][15] However, after Durron tricked her into helping destroy a Yuuzhan Vong warship, their relationship deteriorated, with Jaina leaving the Jedi Master for Fel[55] and Knighthood.[57] Though her father, Han, was furious with Kyp for using his daughter, he admitted that he very much preferred him as Jaina’s suitor, rather than Fel, who he had disliked.[66]

Jaina eventually reconciled with Durron,[56] and the two remained friends well into the Second Galactic Civil War, though she was no longer interested in him romantically.[67]

Jagged FelEdit

I think he almost married our daughter.

Han Solo, to Leia Organa Solo, Tempest (novel)

Jagged Fel, fighter pilot

Jaina first met the suave Chiss-trained pilot during the Yuuzhan Vong War. After their initial encounter, Jaina felt something stir in her, as she felt Jag was in every way her equal.[48] While working together, the two developed feelings for one another. Though their relationship was often interrupted by their duties, Jaina and Jag found ways to communicate with each other.[55] The war eventually strained their relationship, as Jaina declined his offer to return to Csilla with him as she felt her duty came before her own personal needs. She also realized that the lingering effects of the Jedi meld that the Myrkr strike team had employed had left her emotionally detached from others, including Jag, and they failed to reconnect when they met again shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong War.[62] The two met again during the Swarm War, where Jagged was leading Chiss forces against the Killik nests on Tenupe. Before Leia shot him down, Jaina confessed that she would always love him.[64]

By the Second Galactic Civil War, Jaina had convinced herself that she was not in love with Jag anymore, and even considered that maybe she wasn't meant to be loved. After reuniting with Fel on Coruscant, Jaina and Jag's rocky relationship grew more tense, as Jagged revealed to both Jaina and Zekk that he was jealous of the latter. This complication led to a growing rivalry between Jag and Zekk to gain attention from Jaina.[67][68] Jaina would later vocalize a wish to share quarters with both Zekk and Jag after being extracted from a lightsaber duel against Caedus. As she had suffered a head injury in the duel, she was delirious and did not later recall making that statement. Later, after her final duel with Caedus, she was glad that Jag had been the first one to reach her and help her back to a friendly ship.[71] It was revealed that Jaina and Jag continued to develop their relationship, with Jag even professing Jaina as the "woman he loves", though their relationship kept somewhat secret because of Jag's new position as the head of the Imperial Remnant and their fear of angering the Moffs.[13] By 43 ABY, though, it was common knowledge. That same year, Jagged Fel asked Jaina to marry him.[72]

Behind the scenesEdit


Jaina Solo was created by author Timothy Zahn, and debuted with her twin Jacen in the Thrawn Trilogy. Since then, she continued to feature in a number of works by various authors, and rose to greater prominence as one of the protagonists of Kevin J. Anderson's Young Jedi Knights books. Jaina has continued to play a large role in the New Jedi Order, Dark Nest Crisis, and Legacy of the Force novel series.

When writing the Young Jedi Knights series, Kevin J. Anderson said that he and co-author Rebecca Moesta didn't want Jaina to be a "typical 'girl' character, but intended to make her more of a tomboy, much like Han, more logical and mechanical minded." Anderson also stated that he and Moesta had numerous discussions with Lucasfilm employees about the types of dangerous situations the young Jedi Knights would be faced with. Ultimately, though, Anderson felt that if the Solo children and their friends were to be Jedi, they should be armed with lethal weapons and placed in life-threatening situations. In order to maintain the Star Wars feel of the young adult books, Anderson felt that they would need to be treated more like adults. Anderson also stated that while he hadn't read all of the subsequent Expanded Universe books featuring the young Jedi Knights, such as the New Jedi Order, he stated that some of what he had heard seemed quite harsh and "seems to strain credibility." However, he also expressed the fact that none of the characters were his property—they belonged to Lucas Licensing.[73]


So far, Jaina has used only one lightsaber her entire life. She was tasked by her uncle to create it after her friend Zekk was kidnapped by the Second Imperium and the Shadow Academy. She half-hoped her uncle would let her take apart his saber to see how it was created, but Luke laughed and declined. After learning about the focusing crystal, Jaina set a goal to make her lightsaber ultimately hers, as if it were a part of her. To do this, she made synth-crystals like her uncle had done, each one giving a violet hue, which was the color of her finished blade.[35] Some images depict it with more of a blue hue.[74][75]


Jaina's name was chosen by author Timothy Zahn, who wanted the names of the Solo twins to have a similar alliteration to the Skywalker twins' names (Luke and Leia). The name "Jaina" could originate from the Hindi word jaina. This itself comes from the Sanskrit jina, which means "saint", and more literally, "overcomer" (triumph). The root words for this are ji ("to conquer") and jayati ("he conquers"). Also, Jainism is in itself a religion, in which one follows a spartan path as to renounce material comforts, worships a supreme being, and takes the faith of immortality and the passing of the soul to another body after death.[76]



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