Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine

The title of Emperor (feminine Empress) was held by certain officials and heads of state in certain governments. It was usually inherited, but this was not always the case. Sometimes successful warlords and conquerors would create Empires by declaring themselves emperor. It is uncertain how, or even whether, an Emperor's position and authority differed from that of a King. Usually, the title of Emperor insinuates that they rule over a far greater region or variety of cultures compared to a kingdom.


The first as yet recorded emperor in the galaxy was Shey Tapani, who founded the Tapani Empire c.7,328 BBY.

The next recorded personage to have held imperial authority was Empress Teta, who united the Koros System. After her death, the system was renamed for her in honor of her memory. The title was also used in certain other quarters, such as Atrisia and Eiattu.

By far the best known emperor was the Galactic Emperor, the leader of the Galactic Empire. The first holder of this position, Emperor Palpatine, was usually just referred to as "the Emperor". As the Empire's power and influence diminished, however, the title became less important, and by 12 ABY onwards, the Empire was effectively headed by the Supreme Commander in a military dictatorship. The power of the throne was eventually restored under the Fel dynasty.

Notable EmperorsEdit

Famous emperors include, but are not limited to:

Behind the scenesEdit

Out of universe, the title "emperor" typically denoted a more powerful monarch than a king, often one who ruled one or more vassal kings. There is, however, no indication that this is true for the Star Wars version of the title, as it was held even by mere planetary rulers. However, it may be noted that it was also derived from the Latin imperator, a military title received by acclamation by victorious Generals, later transformed to one of many titles used by the Roman emperors, from which it derived its meaning as over-king. It was in the original Roman sense that Napoleon revived the title in 1801. This sense seems appropriate to its use by many of the emperors of the Star Wars galaxy.


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