Animatrix Zero-one

Aerial view of the City

The city of the Machines is known simply as 01 (or sometimes Zero One, or the Machine City). Created long ago when humanity spurned the machine communities' desire to assimilate as equal partners of man with the same "human" rights and freedom, 01 became a prosperous and peaceful city, selling goods to humanity's countries. It is actually located in the Arabian Peninsula, south of the Fertile Crescent[1].


The Machine City.

Man's economy lost revenue and, as a result, power. They attacked 01 and attempted to eradicate machinekind. They failed, and brought the downfall of humanity as the dominant intelligence on Earth.

01 (also known as the Machine City) grew to tremendous size, turning to nuclear fusion and the power generated from the billions of humans in power plants scattered around 01 as part of the neural-interactive "zoo" known as the Matrix. Surrounding the city is an immense defense system consisting of large, crab-like machines that activate when unauthorized craft approach.

Neo successfully visits 01 to parley a truce between man and Machine after he successfully saves the Matrix from a rogue program.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zero-One is accessible as a construct in The Matrix Online, along with its sister construct One-Zero. Both constructs are shown in a pre-matrix environment.

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